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2022-11-15 10:08
Bureau of Standards,Metrology & Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs

BSMI Presented Awards to Winners of the "2022 Universal Design Competition of Assistive Devices for the Aged and Persons with Disabilities" and the "9th Campaign on Commercial Assistive Devices Friendly to the Aged and Persons with Disabiliities"

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Award Ceremony for the "2022 Universal Design Competition of Assistive Devices and Campaign on Commercial Assistive Devices"
The Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI) cares about the aged and the persons with disabilities, and the accessibility in their daily lives and movements. It keeps promoting the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities. Among these efforts, the "Universal Design Competition of Assistive Device for the Aged and Persons with Disabilities" and the "Campaign on Commercial Assistive Devices Friendly to the Aged and Persons with Disabilities" are most acclaimed. The two competitions received 220 entries and 90 entries respectively and the awards ceremony took place on November 9, 2022 at the auditorium of BSMI. The event was chaired by Dr. Han-Chang Hsieh, Acting Director General of BSMI, who was also invited as the guest of honor to present the awards to the winners. The ceremony was a huge success and the ingenuity and creativity of the participants are sure to bring new energy into the ever more full-fledged assistive device industry of Taiwan.

The BSMI said that population aging has resulted in increasing demands for assistive and care-taking devices for the aged citizens. The elderly and disabled assistive devices market has been expanding to meet the demands, which calls for actions to develop related industry standards, testing capability and certification system so as to support the growth of assistive devices industry on the one hand, and to ensure that persons with disability are provided with a safe and pleasant environment where they can move without obstacles. The BSMI has been working closely with the Metal Industries Research and Development Centre, Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center, Taiwan Testing and Certification Center, and other organizations to set up the required certification capacity.

The BSMI explained that the universal design competition of assistive devices this year featured the creative design embedded in "different user groups, different environments and different contexts," which will allow the universal application of the design to different groups of users without gaps. The campaign of friendly assistive devices, on the other hand, emphasized the actual feeling of the users. Manufacturers are encouraged to improve the friendliness of commercial assistive devices based on the user's experience of using the devices. The BSMI hopes that these activities not only enhance the public's awareness of the needs of the elderly and people with disabilities to access the environment at the help of assistive devices, but also provide the assistive device industry with universal design principles and product safety guidelines to provide devices that are safe, well-designed and friendly to the users.

The BSMI pointed out that the competition this year was as intense as previous years. The 220 entries in the competition of the universal design were all good in their design concept. The scores of the work were close and "Artde-Bake," "WeXare" and "ASWD" were awarded the gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. For the campaign on friendly assistive devices, each of the 90 products had shown its consideration of the safety and convenience for the elderly and persons with disability in its design. 20 products were awarded because of their outstanding designs.

The BSMI believed that the results of universal design competition and compaign on friendly assistive devices inspired the assistive device industry to devote more resources in R&D of their products by integrating creativity and innovative technology. It also encourages experts to contribute their knowledge and experience to this area to promote the welfare of the aged and persons with disabilities.

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