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2023-01-16 14:30
Export Processing Zone Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Celebrating 56th anniversary! The Technology Industrial Park held the parent-child costume theme hiking first time.

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Celebrating 56th anniversary! The Technology Industrial Park held the parent-child costume theme hiking first time.
To create a high-quality happiness parks and enhance the parent-child relationship of employees in the park, on December 3 fall on the park celebration, The Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) specially held the "Happiness Park Parent-child Costume Theme Hiking Event" at Kaohsiung Ciaotou Sugar Refinery, about 1,000 employees and their family members from various parks participated in the event. This year, the costume theme hiking was planned for the first time. Parents and children jointly go hiking with dressed up after Yang Po-Keng, the EPZA Director-General, and many distinguished guests fire rifles into the air, the scene is quite lively.
Yang Po-Keng, the EPZA Director-General, said that hiking is the safest and most suitable exercise for daily life, and it is also suitable for parents and children to participate together. This year, EPZA specially planned a fun parent-child costume theme hiking, hoping to enhance parent-child relationship and promote the sports atmosphere among people by the event and shape a healthy workplace. It is expected to make the park become a "lively, happy, and sustainable" industrial park.
There are two routes specially planned for this hiking event. In addition to the general hiking that is suitable for all ages, there is also an interesting parent-child costume theme hiking. Participants have to dress up with the theme of "classic movies, animation or cartoon characters", Parents and children showed their creativity one after another, and all kinds of well-dressed styles were 100 percentage eye-catching. At the end of the event, the costume catwalk contest brought the atmosphere of the event to the highest point.
There is also an against corruption promotion activity at the event, which uses funny games and combines against corruption questions and answers. Those who answer correctly could get exquisite against corruption promotional gifts, so as to convey the concept of against corruption and promote the value of against corruption to families, deepen the education of against corruption character, and let parents and children could appreciate the importance of the value of integrity.

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