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2023-05-24 15:07
Export Processing Zone Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Celebrating May 1 Labor Day, 58 model workers in the Technology Industrial Parks were commended.

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Celebrating May 1 Labor Day, 58 model workers in the Technology Industrial Parks were commended.
To thank the vast number of employees in the parks for their dedication and contribution, on the eve of Labor Day, the Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs held the "The year of 2023 May 1st Labor Day commendation ceremony of the Technology Industrial Park of Ministry of Economic Affairs" at Juang Jing Auditorium, Nanzih Technology Industrial Park, Kaohsiung on April 24, 2023. The ceremony commended 50 model workers and 8 outstanding international immigrant workers recommended and selected by each industrial park. Yang, Po-Keng, the EPZA Director-General, personally presented the awards to congratulate the selected model workers, and 5 excellent units were also awarded the prize at the ceremony.  
The EPZA Director-General Yang, Po-Keng, said that the vast number of laborers has always been an important cornerstone of the industrial development of the park. There are nearly 90,000 laborers in the parks, and 58 model workers are selected from a million, regardless of nationality, showing the spirit of services such as attentiveness to duties and respect for work and enjoying company has been deeply recognized by enterprises. The Directoer-General Yang thanks all the workers for sticking to their posts during the challenge of the epidemic, which made the park's turnover exceed NT$ 500 billion last year and hit a record high.
Xu Mei-Ling, who was awarded the National Model Worker of the Year, works for Taiwan Canon Inc. in Taichung Tanzi Technology Industrial Park. She has served in the company for more than 33 years, and her work attitude is serious, proactive and responsible, she is cautious in dealing with things and strives to complete tasks thoroughly. She upholds the belief of step by step, exerts the solid strength of the grass-root, and brings great benefits to the company. She is usually enthusiastic about helping others, and she is a people person. She actively participates in the company's publicity activities, epidemic prevention tasks, safety and health promotion, etc., and is deeply recognized by her superiors and colleagues, which is a model in the workplace.
In addition, Zeng, Huan-Ming, the deputy manager of Taiflex Scientific Co., Ltd., one of the model employee representatives in the park, led the team to complete the challenging task of transforming the group's ERP system with professional skills and leadership, and successfully completed 14 companies and 9 information platforms in the group and proposed several innovative proposals to assist the company lower costs, with an annual saving of NT$ 6 million. In addition, He also promotes digital transformation, establishes Ai intelligent development teams, and trains relevant technical talents, promotes process automation technology platforms and provides a stable digital workforce, improving the work efficiency of employees by 80%. Excellent work performance is obvious to everyone, which could be called the treasure of the enterprise.
In terms of excellent international migrant workers, Jocelyn Banico, an international migrant worker from NXP Semiconductors Taiwan Ltd. in Nanzih Technology Industrial Park, is an all-round worker at the wire soldering station, who is capable of operating the machine, modifying the machine or replacing consumable materials. She is chary and responsible, actively responding to relevant issues, able to perform work flexibly and efficiently, and assisting in training new employees, serving as a communication bridge between migrant workers, greatly reducing the barriers caused by language. She also independently patrolled new machines, and she had once discovered the defective product curvature, to avoid the outflow of defective products. The excellent performance is enough to become a model for employees and won the outstanding international migrant workers this year.
At the same time, awards were also presented at the ceremony for eight excellent labor relations enterprises such as Mabuchi Motor Taiwan Ltd., ten excellent labor unions including Kaohsiung Opto-Electronics Inc., eleven excellent outstanding union employees including Zhang Shu-Ping, the chairman of the corporate labor union of Tokyo Keidenki Corp., Taiwan, and Pan Shu-Jing, the secretary of the corporate union from Taiwan Futaba Electronics Corp. and other two outstanding committee affairs staff of union, and eleven Public Spiritedness Award were also presented including the Employee Welfare Committee charity group of Walton Advanced Engineering, Inc.
The Employee Welfare Committee charity group of Walton Advanced Engineering, Inc., which won the Public Spiritedness Award, has been concerned for the support of school children and disadvantaged families in remote areas for a long time. Including donating nutritious breakfast and lunch to rural elementary and middle schools, subsidizing books and teaching aids for remote schools in the community, and after-school tutoring programs, adopting impoverished children in Taiwan Fund for Children and Families and so on, providing students with a better learning environment and resources with practical action. In addition, the charity group also donated NT$970 thousand to the Syinlu Social Welfare Foundation's developmentally delayed children program and Eden Social Welfare Foundation. The group is enthusiastic about public welfare and puts all-out effort into it, which is a model for the parks.
EPZA indicated that thanks to the contribution of employees and manufacturers in the parks, which have created an outstanding performance for the parks. In the future, EPZA will uphold the spirit of active service and continue to focus on important tasks such as area expansion, manufacturer counseling, and low-carbon sustainability, so as to comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of the parks, and fully assist manufacturers to keep making profits in the unpredictable current situation, to drive the park's operations to create achievement again.

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