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2023-05-26 16:49
Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs

IP Youth Ambassadors Poised for Action - Applications for Advocacy Campaigns Now Open

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IP Youth Ambassadors Poised for Action - Applications for Advocacy Campaigns Now Open
TIPO is proud to announce the completion of training for 112 IP Youth Ambassadors, who are now prepared to embark on a nationwide mission to promote intellectual property rights. IP advocacy campaign applications are open to elementary, junior high, and senior high/vocational high schools, providing an opportunity to cultivate intellectual property awareness.

Recognizing the significance of instilling a profound respect for intellectual property rights from a young age, TIPO organizes annual IP Youth Ambassadors Programs. This program aims to train college students as seed teachers for IPR advocacy. This year, three training sessions were conducted in northern, central, and southern Taiwan. Experts were invited to impart essential knowledge of IPR, delve into emerging copyright issues, and provide guidance on effective advocacy techniques. The program aims to facilitate students' understanding of intellectual property rights and their practical application through relatable real-life examples.

TIPO emphasizes that with the rapid development of the Internet and relevant technologies, students have greater access to and utilization of IP. To foster a culture of respect for intellectual property rights among young individuals, TIPO conducts said program for college students, equipping them to serve as advocates for IPR. These trained students are then organized into groups and sent to schools at all levels, including elementary, junior high, and high schools. Through engaging teaching methods such as drama performances and interactive games, the aim is to cultivate the youth's understanding and appreciation of IPR.

Schools interested in these IP advocacy campaigns are encouraged to contact the executive unit of the event, FeliZ Communications Group Ltd., at 02-8786-9798, extension 171 (Ms. Lee) or extension 165 (Mr. Chen). Alternatively, they can directly go to the "Copyright x I Support Originals" Facebook fan page for further inquiries.