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Four New Companies Invested over NT$ 140 million and Stationed in Taichung Software Park
Organization: EXPORT PROCESSING ZONE ADMINISTRATION,MOEA        Publish Date: 2016-08-19 15:02
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The Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) convened an investment application review meeting on 25th February 2016, and four new investment applications, including Jean Cultural  Creative Co., Ltd., Sunny Wheel Ind. Co., Ltd., Ren An Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Bespring International Marketing Co., Ltd. were approved to invest and station in Taichung Software Park (TSP). The total investment figures amounted to NT$141.4 million, which is expected to increase 60 job vacancies, and the details of investments were elaborated as follows:

Jean Cultural  Creative Co., Ltd. provides three dimensional stickers, handmade cards, stationery, and gift creation businesses. In 1986, its best sellers such as cute band-aid stickers, decorative mirrors, and puzzles have gained vast popularity in Taiwan; in addition, it has also received massive orders from Europe for decorative mirrors and wooden products, and brand licensing from the U.S. for Fido Dido and Garfield. In recent years, Jean Cultural  Creative Co., Ltd. has developed series of cultural and creative products that have received highly positive feedback compliments such as themes for National Palace Museum, Sun Moon Lake, Northeast Coast, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, cities of New York and Hong Kong, and animal protection of the Formosan black bear. In the future, it will develop other cultural and creative products with local characteristics in central and southern Taiwan, organize various promotion activities by making use of Academia-Industry cooperation resources in TSP, and promote the prosperity of local economy.

Sunny Wheel Ind. Co., Ltd. provides RD, design, and manufacturing services of bicycle accessories, and "FLINGER" is its private brand name. With keeping on research, development and innovation, its products have received more than 200 patents; furthermore, it got ISO9001 certification in year 2000. For designing bicycles more humanization and technologically-advanced and making it more competitive, Sunny Wheel Ind. Co., Ltd. has applied numerous modern industrial technologies such as computer information, electronic and electrical machinery, and industrial design.

Ren An Information Technology Co., Ltd. provides RD, design, and marketing services in CNC machines' software and CNC training machines. Its softwares are adopted and used by lots of professional manufacturing industries, and now it is the leader in the field of developing professional machining softwares for manufacturing industries in Taiwan. More than 3,000 customers have used its professional CNC machines' software products including Feng Chia University, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science  Technology, Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp., China Airlines, Vocational Training Center, and Yulon Motors. In the future, Ren An Information Technology Co., Ltd. will integrate and apply the ICT data communication and professional CNC multiple spindle simulation central techniques, and cooperate with the machine tool factories by offering total solution to customers, and develop high value-added products with high speed, performance, precision, and intelligence.

Bespring International Marketing Co., Ltd. provides development and selling services of mid-level and high-level therapeutic medical devices in grade 2 and grade 3. And it has input integration services and brand marketing concepts into medical device industries. Today, it has established a reputation for providing total solutions to production services and supports to the medical device companies around the world. In 2015, Bespring International Marketing Co., Ltd. successfully developed the first microsurgical instrument applied with RFID technologies in Taiwan. It has also applied IoT (Internet of Things) on surgical instruments, and it will keep developing new products of electronic surgical instruments in the near future.

According to the EPZA, TSP was positioned as a zone of knowledge-based economy, and the government has integrated various resources from industry, academia, and research institutes. In addition, the government set up the highly efficient one-stop window mechanism to provide services to companies in the zones. The industrial clustering in TSP is hoped to produce good results and make significant cornerstones for companies' long-term development. Last but not least, this will also improve further development of innovative technologies, software industries, and the economy of greater metropolitan area in central Taiwan.

Contact Person: Wu, shu-fen (Chief of Investment Section of the Third Division)

Contact Number: 886-7-361-1212 ext311

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