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The New Innovation Formula-Technology X Branding: The Ministry of Economic Affairs Assists Traditional Industry to Develop New Prospects
Organization: Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA        Publish Date: 2016-11-23 13:36
To assist the traditional industries with their innovation and transformation, the Ministry of Economic Affairs uses the synergy from corporations and related industries, government agencies, academia, and research organizations to help introduce ICT, environmental protection, cultural aestheics, design and other componenets into these industries, creating new industry values.
Avertronics Inc., in its earlier days, was a traditional contract manufacturer. In conforming to the latest trends, its business model crossed over to the fields of intelligent lighting, developing wireless lighting control systems, and created its own brand, “Avin”, in a market dominated by wired lighting control systems. Joining the “Fashionable LED Lamps” promotion program organized by the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), while accepting assistance from the related industries, government agencies, academia, and research organizations, the company dove into the fields of information technology, opti-electronics, automotive electronics, medical care, and electrical machinery, as well as established the largest LED factory in Taichung in G. P. Vegetables. This year, Avertronics is entering the field of robotic wiring. The company demonstrates its successful transformation with its burgeoning overseas export business.
The company Isabelle created an innovative and fashion trend in the traditional cake-gifting in the domestic consumer market with the slogan, “Let’s get married!” It adopts an unique trace code method to track product quality, while it diversifies its brand into Isabelle-French style, Emperor-Chinese style, and Okuraya-Japanese style to meet the diverse taste requirements of new couples. The company follows IDB’s “When Happiness Comes” program, and improves the cake filling recipes and packaging materials to extend the use by date, in preparation for marketing in overseas markets. Susequently, Isabel will continue to observe consumer data, while adopting flexible marketing strategies to meet the challenges of the new generation.
The Ministry of Economic Affairs adopts “the vision of forming new higher values with safe, secure, and sustainable ecology” as the goal for continuous improvement, and assists traditional industries in: adopting a core value as the business foundation, while incorporating cultural-and-creative, sustainabe, experiential, and other marketing concepts to help strengthen the momentum for innovative services. Thinking globally is critical in order to inject innovative elements and ideas that can inspire the drive to upgrade industries, and create another wave of economic miracle we can be proud of.
Contact Organization: Knowledge Services Division ,Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA(IDB)
Contact Person: Mr.Chen
Contact Phone: (02)2754-1255 ext.2411
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