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Ministry of Economic Affairs, Upgrading Industries Transformation Service Mission, Conventional Industries Taichung Branch, Assistance in Bike Industry Guide-in Optimization of Smart Manufacturing Supply Chain
Organization: Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA        Publish Date: 2016-11-29 13:47
The Executive Yuan has approved the Smart Machinery Industry Promotion Program and therefore established an ecological system for the artificial intelligence industrialization in that industry with its launch point in central Taiwan. It has also listed metal vehicle as an industrial development hinterland and demonstration field of smart and automated industry, which was undoubtedly a great news to the bicycle industry. This year (2016), KMC, LEECHI, MARWI, and FJBIKE, etc. were the first group of companies to receive subsidies. Each of them is forecasted to reduce personnel costs and achieve more than 20% increase in production capacity.

The bicycle industry recognizes the urgency of reforms. The Taiwan Bicycle Association (TBA) has set up the Smart Manufacturing Promotion Committee and held two seminars, one business opportunities expo, one demonstration, and Smart Manufacturing curriculum by joint effort with the Bicycle Center. The Smart Manufacturing course package consists of 20 classes, totaling 83 hours. These courses include sensors and intelligence control, precision management and manufacturing, as well as integration of logistics, manufacture, and marketing.

In response to the increasingly intense global competition, the Industrial Development Bureau under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, with the help from the Conventional Industries Taichung Branch, began to plan for a four-year mechanization and artificial intelligence in vehicle manufacturing (2017-2020). The target of this project is the overall supply chain of the industry with consultation as its the main objective. Much like the previous successful project where the bike A-team, assistance was provided to optimize the industrial structure and drastically improve their situation.

As the result of the joint efforts by industry, academia, and government, the bike industry stated with great optimism, “Like Mercedes-Benz and BMW continuing to stay in Germany, we have confidence that the world’s most advanced bicycles will remain in Taiwan.”
Contact Organization: Metal and Mechanical Industries Division, Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Contact Person: Mr.Hsu
Contact Phone: (02)2754-1255 ext. 2133
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