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Forum introducing Asia Silicon Valley Plan to be held in Taoyuan
Organization: Department of International Cooperation        Publish Date: 2017-04-25 13:49
The 2017 Asia Silicon Valley International Summit Forum will be held in Taoyuan City April 25, 2017. The aim of the forum, organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Department of International Cooperation and Taoyuan City Government's Department of Economic Development, is to introduce the Taiwan government's new Asia Silicon Valley Plan to foreign enterprises and representatives stationed in Taiwan and to explore opportunities for greater international industrial, innovative and technical cooperation.
The Asia Silicon Valley Plan includes several major elements for actively integrating Taiwan's strengths in electronics, ICT and machinery manufacturing, linking with Silicon Valley's technology, talent and R&D capacities, assisting young entrepreneurs to innovate and start up their own businesses, establishing innovative entrepreneurship demonstration sites, and developing Internet of Things applications and key technologies, in order to create an IoT and startup ecosystem based on research and development. Taoyuan has been selected as the focal point for implementing the plan.
The key to the plan's success will lie in linking with advanced technology R&D capacity around the world, spurring technology upgrading domestically, promoting international talent exchanges, and learning from international experience in innovation and business startups, according to Minister of Economic Affairs Chih-Kung Lee.
Minister Lee, Taoyuan Mayor Wen-Tsan Cheng and other distinguished guests have been invited to take part in the upcoming forum. Keynote speakers will include David Weng, CEO of the Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency, who will deliver a presentation titled "The Asia Silicon Valley Development Plan - Blueprint and Opportunities," as well as I-Chien Jan, founder and CEO of Fitmily, who will speak on the topic of "Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Key to Taiwan's Competitiveness".
The panel discussion will be moderated by Ma-Li Yang, president and chief editor of Global Views Monthly. Panelists will include Stephen Su, general director of the Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center; Barbara Chiu, Cisco vice president/managing director for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau; Yen-nun Huang, chairman of the Asia IoT Alliance; and Tahan Lin, CEO of the crowdfunding company Backer-Founder.
The Taoyuan City Government has set up a special office and promotion committee to facilitate implementation of initiatives under the Asia Silicon Valley Plan. Mayor Cheng noted the plan draws on Taoyuan's unique status as Taiwan's international portal, its great location between the island's high-tech hub (Hsinchu) and political and economic center (Taipei), as well as its comprehensive industrial ecosystem that is tops in Taiwan in terms of industrial value.
The plan has been presented by the Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency as including two core elements, three links, and four main strategies. The "two core elements" are "promoting IoT innovation and R&D" and "optimizing the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem," while the "three links" are local, global, and with the future. The four strategies include "enhancing linkages among famous tech clusters worldwide," "constructing diverse test beds for smart products and services," "optimizing Taiwan's startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem," and "building a complete IoT supply chain."
Organizers of the 2017 Asia Silicon Valley International Summit Forum have also arranged a visit to Advantech Co., the world's biggest industrial computer maker, in the afternoon following the seminar in order to introduce seminar participants to the capabilities of Taiwan's tech sector, one of the pillars underpinning the Asia Silicon Valley Plan.
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