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2016 Fuel Economy Guide and Top 20 Fuel Economy Vehicles are made Available
Organization: Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs        Publish Date: 2017-05-12 15:16
While fuel prices fluctuate, fuel efficiency of the vehicles is the most significant consideration in purchasing vehicles. To provide references for the public, the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs (BOE, MOEA) published the 2016 Fuel Economy Guide which discloses the fuel economy testing information and the rankings of the top fuel efficient vehicles. The guidebook can be downloaded through the website of BOE.

According to the latest fuel efficiency ranking in 2016, the Toyota Prius Hybrid (1,798c.c.) and the Ford Kuga TDCI Turbo C520-7T (1,997c.c.) have the best performances with fuel economy of 26.7 km/l and 17.8 km/l in the categories of passenger cars and SUV/Truck respectively. Besides, the best fuel efficient motorcycle is Honda MSX125SF (124.9c.c.) with a fuel economy of 83.3 km/l (as shown in the attachment).
The BOE emphasized that the above fuel economy values for vehicles were tested under specific conditions in laboratory. The actual values might be inconsistent with the listed values in the Fuel Economy Guide due to climate, road surface conditions, traffic jam, usage of air conditioning systems and driving behavior.

The BOE indicated that, in order to implement the new fuel economy standards, the EU Directive 1999/100/EC and its subsequent amendments are adopted for the vehicle approval tests since 2016 and therefore, the test results for only the vehicles which pass the EU testing procedures are made available.

To achieve fuel saving and CO2 reduction, it is important not only to purchase fuel efficient vehicles cautiously but also to establish appropriate driving behavior, and conduct periodic vehicle repair and maintenance. The energy-saving driving include the reduction of unnecessary loads in the vehicles, the smooth acceleration and deceleration, not driving aggressively, not slamming on the brake abruptly, not idling during long stop and wait and tire pressure maintenance.

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