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Tax Incentives for Investors in the Kingdom of Swaziland
Organization: Department of International Cooperation        Publish Date: 2018-02-23 10:17
Swaziland provides a number of tax incentives for businesses operating in Swaziland. One of the main purposes of these incentives is to attract greater foreign direct investment in the country.

The tax incentives include the following:

1. Machinery initial allowance
The allowance is 50% of the total cost of machinery or plant first brought by the investor for use in the manufacturing process.
2. Infrastructural initial allowance
The allowance is 50% of the cost incurred for infrastructural machinery, plant or facilities brought into use by the investor for the first time, for use in the provision of infrastructural services.
3. Building initial allowance
The allowance is 50% for the first year for the actual cost of a building used for housing machinery or plant and 4% thereafter.
4. Immovable property initial allowance
The allowance is 20% of the cost for erecting any dwelling to be occupied solely by employees (applicable to manufacturing business only) for the first year and 10% thereafter.
5. Hotel initial allowance
The allowance is 50% of the capital expenditure in connection with the erection or beneficial improvement of a hotel for the first year and 4% thereafter.
6. Capital expenditure (Mining operations)
Immediate deduction from the income derived from mining operations for shaft sinking building, works, or equipment, development, etc. prior to the commencement of production.
7. Development Approval Order (DAO)
If approved, the applicant (whose business must be in the manufacturing, mining, international services or tourism sectors) shall receive a tax concession on corporate tax at the maximum rate of 10% for a period of 10 years.
8. Export Incentives for Small Handicraft and Cottage Industries
The allowance is 133% of approved export promotion expenditure incurred by an approved company in the handicraft and cottage sectors, and 150% of approved export promotion expenditure incurred by an approved trading house.
9. Specials R&D and training deductions
Special deductions of up to 5% of the investor's taxable income for expenditure incurred for the purpose of R&D are provided.

Source: Swaziland Revenue Authority
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