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The Nuclear-free Homeland Vision Outlined in Energy Transition is consistent with NGOs' Appeals Looking Forward to Participation from All Parties
Organization: Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs        Publish Date: 2018-03-31 10:15
The government acknowledged the non-governmental organization (NGOs)' anti-nuclear appeals concerning nuclear issues and future energy transition in the protest. Toward the same target, the government has incorporated the 2025 goal of nuclear-free homeland into Electricity Act, and announced to launch energy transition and electricity industry reform in 2016 to plan and promote energy conservation, energy exploration, energy storage and smart system integration. The government looks forward to citizens' participation in the planning of energy transition action plans.

Concerning the appeals related to energy transition, the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs (BOE, MOEA) stated that the related works have been launched and are being promoted. The Electricity Act amendment in January 2017 provided the legal basis for energy transition, granting green energy the priority access to grid and user's options for power purchase. The legal timeframe which is to decommission the existing nuclear power generators by 2025 has also been scheduled. In addition, the Guideline on Energy Development is amended to address energy security, green economy, environmental sustainability and social justice in April 2017. The Guideline henceforth served as the framework and a guide for relevant policy.

To accelerate energy transition, on the energy conservation aspect, the government will take persistent efforts to lead industry, local governments and all citizens to promote the "New Energy Saving Program" and launch " Electricity Saving for Counties' Building Sectors" which would strengthen the electricity conservation in the service sector. It is hoped to gradually amplify the electricity saving benefits through the cooperation between central and local governments. In the energy exploration aspect, the "2-year Solar PV Project" and" 4-year Wind Power Promotion Plan" are both being continually promoted to reach the goal of 20% renewables generation by 2025. The "Green Energy Roofs Project" is launched to introduce further public participation through cooperation between central and local governments so that the 3GW goal can be reached by 2020 which is five years earlier than scheduled. A single-window office is established to assist central and local governments, business partners and the public to resolve issues related to application and installation.

To examine the formulation of Energy Transition White Paper which will outline the specific action plans, the BOE further stated that 3-phase formulation procedure including preliminary conference, collaboration and citizen dialogue has been launched on 28th June 2017. Public suggestions and opinions were collected, summarized and organized in preliminary conference. The innovative items, key promotions and public concerns will be included in the follow-up discussions of the implementation of key tasks, five task forces in different energy-related fields are set up. Experience and wisdom from the industries, government, academia and research institutions together with public opinions are introduced and collaborated on the concrete content for the implementation of key tasks, then first draft of the White Paper will be completed. Afterwards, conferences by groups as well as citizens meetings shall be organized. Currently the first two phases of preliminary conference and collaboration have been completed, the citizen dialogue in the third phase will be starting in the mid of March.

Lastly, the BOE emphasized that the government has set the sights on reaching nuclear-free homeland and energy transition by promoting energy conservation, energy exploration, energy storage and smart system integration. The government looks forward to the the joint actions from all citizens so as to achieve the vision of nuclear-free homeland.

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