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Taiwan-EU offshore wind power certification seminar kicks off, BSMI to import offshore wind power certification technology BSMI, MOEA March 14, 2018
Organization: Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, M.O.E.A., R.O.C.        Publish Date: 2018-05-16 11:27
The Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI), the Bureau of Foreign Trade and the European Economic and Trade Office (EETO) together held "Taiwan-EU Offshore Wind Power Certification Seminar" this morning at National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center, attracting an estimate of 208 people from industries including banking, insurance, marine engineering and technical services. Representatives from government agencies and academic institutions were also present.

The seminar, an important economic and trade exchange event between Taiwan and the EU this year, is highly valued by the government. The opening ceremony was hosted by MOEA Vice Minister Wang Mei-hua and Head of EETO Madeleine Majorenko and attended by representatives from local offices of EU member countries and from the media.

In her opening speech, Wang said that the EU is Taiwan's fifth largest trade partner and Taiwan's largest source of investment. The simplest way to solve air pollution and to reach the goal of building a nuclear-free homeland by 2025 is accelerating the development of renewable energy and raising renewable energy generation to 20 percent, she said, adding that the government hopes to establish a long-term, stable supply chain partnership with Europe in terms of offshore wind power and that the two parties can work together to make Taiwan a fortified point in the Asia Pacific region.

The morning session focused on the policy of wind power in Taiwan and the EU. Speakers from the European Investment Bank, Cathay United Bank and BNP Paribas were invited to share their experience in wind power investment. The afternoon session featured the introduction and discussion of third party certification, which includes three fields of knowledge: project certification, due diligence and marine warranty survey. The seminar was very interactive.

The BSMI said that it is working on establishing a third party certification system for offshore wind power to promote Taiwan's offshore wind power development. Taiwan can benefit from the experiences of European experts attending the seminar. In the future, Taiwan plans to import third party certification technology from other countries to promote project investment among domestic banks and to introduce capital into the local wind power industry. Meanwhile, to promote the localization of the manufacture of wind power turbines, the government is now planning to establish a laboratory for the dynamic testing of offshore wind turbine gearboxes. Testing done locally can reduce the developing and manufacturing cost of domestic manufacturers. With regard to test standards, anti-typhoon requirements have been added to CNS 15176-1 last year. In the near future, anti-earthquake requirements will also be included in the national standard so that offshore wind power turbines can deal with environmental hazards.

The seminar is a very rare event that gathered specialists from three fields of offshore wind power certification to share their knowledge and practical expertise. The seminar drew a lot of people and many could not attend because of limited seating. For those who missed out on this chance to interact with outstanding speakers, the BSMI suggests that they sign up for the renewable energy third party testing and certification communication conference, which is held once a month. Experts on the topic will be invited to share their experience at the conference.

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