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BSMI announces milk bottle sterilizer inspection results BSMI, MOEA June 7, 2018
Organization: Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, M.O.E.A., R.O.C.        Publish Date: 2018-08-27 17:14
Sterilizing milk bottles, pacifiers and teether toys is the daily chore of parents with babies. Milk bottle sterilizers are a great help because milk bottles are frequently used and the cleaning process tends to be tedious. To ensure consumer rights and product safety, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI) randomly purchased 10 sterilizers from retail shops, hypermarkets and online shops in January 2018 to conduct an inspection. All items sampled have passed the quality tests and comparison of key components requirements. However, two failed to conform to the commodity inspection mark requirements and four failed the Chinese labeling requirements.

Inspection standards
The inspection of seven quality items (heating, electric strength, abnormal operation, stability, construction, electromagnetic compatibility conduction interference, electromagnetic compatibility radiation interference) and the comparison of key components are carried out according to CNS 3765 "Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 1: General requirements," CNS 13783-1 "Electromagnetic compatibility - Requirements for household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus - Part 1: Emission" and IEC 60335-2-15 "Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-15: Particular requirements for appliances for heating liquids". Meanwhile, commodity inspection mark and Chinese labeling requirements are verified according to the above standards and the Commodity Inspection Act.

Inspection results
The inspection results of the sample items are as follows.
1)Quality tests: All are in conformity with the standards.
2)Comparison of key components: All are in conformity with the standards.
3)Commodity inspection mark: The mark was not found on two samples (number 7 and 10).
4)Chines labeling: Four (number 1, 2, 7 and 10) failed the standard by either 1) not providing consistent information between the instruction booklet and original registration (number 1 and 2) 2) not providing the name and address of the obligatory inspection applicant and a Chinese instruction booklet (number 7 and 10), or 3) not showing the rated voltage, frequency and other specifications on the commodity (number 7).

Follow-up procedures
1)The obligatory inspection applicant of commodity (number 7 and 10) that failed the commodity inspection mark regulations will be imposed with a fine between NT 200,000 and NT 2,000,000 according to Article 60 of the Commodity Inspection Act.
2)The obligatory inspection applicant of commodity (number 1, 2, 7 and 10) that failed the Chinese labeling regulations will be imposed with a fine between NT 100,000 and NT 1,000,000 if he or she fails to correct the violation within a giving time limit according to Article 59 of the Commodity Inspection Act. The registration of product certificate will also be rescinded according to Article 42 of the Commodity Inspection Act.

The BSMI said that milk bottle sterilizer is subject to mandatory inspection before being released from the production premises or imported. The BSMI has an annual market inspection scheme to counter products that are not in conformity with the national standards. Inspectors will be dispatched to investigate under qualified milk bottle sterilizers, make interview records and take legal actions. Consumer rights are thus ensured under this double-checking mechanism.

Precautions when purchasing milk bottle sterilizers
The BSMI said that manufacturers are responsible for product safety and correctness of labels. Consumers are also urged to pay attention to the following precautions when purchasing milk bottle sterilizers.

1)Consumers are advised to purchase milk bottle sterilizers that have a commodity inspection mark (.or). For inquiries, please refer to

2)Make sure that the name of the manufacturer, its registered address, product specifications (voltage, power consumption or current) and commodity model are all clearly indicated.

3)Make sure that the unit comes with a Chinese instruction booklet, a label of instruction or a warning label. Read carefully before use, follow the instructions and pay attention to the warnings.

4)Before using, make sure that the cable is fully plugged and not loosely plugged. When unplugging, hold and pull the power plug and not the cable to prevent damage to the copper wire.

5)Should the sterilizer malfunctions, stop from use immediately and contact the manufacturer's designated repair station. Do not change the parts or disassemble by yourself. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure safety.

The BSMI reminds consumers that more knowledge you have about the products you are buying means more safety. For more information, please visit the BSMI Product Safety Internet at or call the toll free number of 0800-007123.

Agency in charge: Inspections Administrative Division
Contact person: Mr. June-Chieh Lai
Telephone: +886-2-23431767
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