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Energy Saving Leadership Award 2018 42 Energy Saving Companies and Schools Won
Organization: Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs        Publish Date: 2018-10-25 17:04
Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) selects companies, institutions, and schools that are committed to energy conservation and held the final review meeting of 2018"Energy Saving Leadership Award and Energy Education Promotion Award "on 25th September 2018. A total of 42 units committed to energy saving were selected. Bureau of Energy (BOE), Ministry of Economic Affairs indicates that promoting the concept of energy conservation is a key project of the government.

BOE states all winners from this year were estimated to conserve 15.5 thousand kiloliters of oil equivalence, saving NTD 240 million and reducing 61.3 thousand tons emission of carbon dioxide (equivalent to 158 Daan Forest Parks' annual amount of carbon absorption), which came out with brilliant results.

China Motor Corporation (CMC) won the gold medal this year. CMC has 390 cases of energy-saving improvement measures from 2015 to 2017, including air-conditioning equipment replacement, air compressor control and reuse of boiler heat. AU Optronics (AUO) also won the gold medal makes a long-term plan for green production and sustainable supply. For example, replacement of high-efficiency motors and improvement of air-conditioning systems and process systems have been implemented. Spring Pool Glass which recycles more than 100 thousand tons glass every year won the gold medal among small and medium enterprises. The summer energy saving policy also implemented for reducing electricity consumption during the peak period.
As for Energy Education Promotion Award, gold medal winner Bihu Elementary School in Taipei City provides energy passport for students to understand energy-saving facilities and energy usage on campus. Suao Junior High in Yilan County cooperates with parents and community volunteers to promote energy conservation awareness and practices.

BOE indicates that 42 units were selected this year and awards will be issued shortly. The award will lead the whole country to invest in energy conservation and work together to create a win-win situation for the economy and energy conservation.

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