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2018-11-19 15:20
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
2018 Taiwan Fashion Design Award Choi Hung-shing Wins Fashion Runway Competition with Emerging Designers Worldwide
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The 2018 Taiwan Fashion Design Awards (TFDA) ceremony has concluded, with 12 young but promising local designers being selected from the 426 participants from 19 countries worldwide who were competing with each other with their innovative design ideas in the finals. Choi Hung-shing, designer of the work “The Stolen Soul”, was granted the top prize and a reward of US$10,000. The two winners of the second-place prize were Huang Yu-chieh with the work “Buried Myself” and Chen Bao-wen with “Fantasy of freedom", each gaining the winner US$5,000. The Best Fabrics Use, Best Pattern Making, and Best Market Potential awards were given to Evelyn Tamara Wisesa, Liao Yi-ning and Yang Zi-chen respectively, with US$3,000 each.

Organized by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and executed by the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF), the TFDA is celebrating its 32nd anniversary this year. Since 2013, overseas students have been encouraged to participate in this competition. Four participants from Indonesia, China and Hong Kong also joined the party, which promotes international exchanges and stimulates local design flexibility.

The jury committee was composed of seven internationally renowned professionals: Japanese fashion designer Dai Fujiwara, Taiwanese fashion designer Stephane Dou, executive director of Shanghai Couture Week Michael Zheng, CEO of fashion integrated marketing company ONEO Ltd. Tomonori Matsui, British fashion media WGSN representative Helen Alvarez, fashion magazine Inside director Jane Singer, and Charlotte Chiang, chief of the Textile Design Section of TTF. Juries concluded that Choi Hung-shing, who won the top award for the design of the work “The Stolen Soul” not only featured unique designing concepts, but also outstanding performance in terms of innovation, fabric selection and layout structure.

Since 1987, the TFDA has become a platform for fashion design-oriented companies to discover potential talent. Most winners continue to blossom in the industry, and they are able to become potential forces that cultivate the development of the textile and apparel industry. In order to encourage students to enter the industry, the industry elites have also been extremely supportive of TFDA activities.
To motivate students to join the industry, many enterprises and organizations are proactively sponsoring the awards. This year, organizations like CODDY Global Ltd., Yi Jinn Industrial Co., Ltd., Fortune Industrial and Commercial Development Foundation, and the ECLAT Education Foundation have offered their great generosity to support the competition, which resulted in the greatest and largest one ever. The total amount of prizes was worth US$35,000.
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