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Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C.

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2018-12-19 10:42
Export Processing Zone Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs

EPZA has offered foreign businesseople of enterprises which invested in zones with speedy immigration inspection services.

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This is just a reminding note that EPZA has offered foreign businesspeople who have already invested in the Export Processing Zones (EPZs) with speedy immigration inspection pre-registration services since January 2008.
These "Speedy Immigration Inspection" regulations have been enacted on September 12, 2003 in order to facilitate the speedy immigration clearance of foreign businesspeople as they enter/exit at international airports of Taiwan, R.O.C.
Foreign businesspeople may speedily clear immigration inspection to enter/exit the State at designated inspection counters if they have been recommended by the local commercial chambers of which they are members, if the Ministry of Economic Affairs has examined and approved such recommendations, if the Ministry of the Interior has entered the list of names of the approved onto the website of the National Immigration Agency of the Ministry of the Interior at www.immigration.gov.tw, and if they:
(1)Have invested over NT$ 50 million in the State;
(2)Have been the executives or the managers of businesses in the State with capital from overseas Chinese or foreigners or of the multinationals who are posted in the State;
(3)Have been employed by local businesses as executives or managers; or
(4)Have made contributions to the economy of the State
The foreign businesspeople set forth in the fourth subparagraph of the preceding paragraph may apply directly to the Ministry of Economic Affairs for recommendations, provided that they have not been recommended by local commercial chambers.
The spouses and lineal relatives of the foreign businesspeople may speedily clear immigration inspection to enter/exit the State at designated inspection counters if they travel with the foreign businesspeople.
The register containing the data of foreign businesspeople who have been examined and given approval or have been recommended by Export Processing Zone Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs shall be sent to the National Immigration Agency via the Internet. It is then sent online to airports by the National Immigration Agency to be referred to during inspections and it is also entered onto the website www.immigration.gov.tw to be downloaded by applicants who shall submit their passports and the downloaded data for immigration inspection and clearance. The preceding register shall contain English names, dates of birth, genders, nationalities, ID numbers, passport numbers and dates of expiry.
For more details of the "Operational Regulations Governing Speedy Immigration Inspection and Clearance of Foreign Businesspeople," please double check with the website www.immigration.gov.tw of National Immigration Agency, Ministry of Interior, R.O.C.
If foreign businessmen have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the investment section direct phone no. 886-7-361-2725.