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2018-12-24 11:41
Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Expanding Energy Conservation Demonstration and Passing on the Work of Sustainable Energy Management -34 Units Are Committed to Energy Conservation by MOEA
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With all efforts to commend corporation and school, which are outstanding in promoting energy saving, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) held the "Energy Saving Award" on 21st November 2018. A total of 34 units committed to energy and power saving were selected. All winners from this year were estimated to conserve 15.5 thousand kiloliters of oil equivalence, reducing 61.3 thousand tons of carbon dioxide (equivalent to 158 Daan Forest Parks' annual amount of carbon absorption).

For the past 25 years, 489 units were selected and have contributed to saving 1.58 Gigaliters of oil equivalence, reducing 6.4 Megatons emission of carbon dioxide and reducing 19.16 billion energy costs including saving 5.03 TWh which came out with brilliant results.

"Energy Saving Leadership, Long-lived Inheritance" is the main theme for this year's activity. Government and enterprise work together to encourage all walks of life to practice energy saving and carbon reduction. The Ministry of Economic Affairs together with the Ministry of Education issued 6 gold and 16 silver awards of Energy Saving Leadership Award and 4 gold and 8 silver awards of Energy Education Award.

It is hoped by electing outstanding candidates, the energy saving technology and experience will be promoted. This will also help to effectively demonstrate more horizontal and successful models with all guests at the scene.

The Smart energy management system is an important trend in energy development. For example, China Motor Corporation (CMC) won the gold medal this year. CMC adopted air-conditioning equipment replacement, air compressor control and reuse of boiler heat.

Spring Pool Glass recycling more than 100 thousand tons glass every year won the gold medal among small and medium enterprises. The summer energy saving policy also implemented for reducing electricity consumption during peak periods. For example, part of the production process was shifted from the afternoon to the late night, and the annual repair time was adjusted from February to July. Worth to talk about, the souvenir cup in the shape of a sky lantern provided this year is made by recycled glass.

As for Energy Education Promotion Award, gold medal winner Bihu Elementary School in Taipei City provides energy passport for students to record daily behavior and energy map is also available for students to learn energy-saving facilities and energy usage in the campus.

The school that have won the Eastern District and Remote Islands Gold Award is the Suao Junior High in Yilan County. The school encourages students to participate in energy conservation awareness and practices and held camp to educate junior high and elementary students with assistance from high school students.

BOE indicated on-site demonstrations will be launched in 2019 in order to share the outstanding candidates' experience, mode, and method. E-book with 3,300 cases has been continuously updated on Energy Park website (http://www.energypark.org.tw/index.asp). All are welcome to visit the website and exercise energy saving behavior in daily life. With the efforts made by everyone, we can achieve fruitful results.

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