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According to the Referendum Result Announced by Central Election Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs Announces the Annulment of First Paragraph of Article 95 of the Electricity Act
Organization: Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs        Publish Date: 2019-01-09 14:48
Voting for the No. 16 Referendum: "Do you agree with abolishing the first paragraph of Article 95 of the Electricity Act, which means abolishing the provision that 'all nuclear-energy-based power-generating facilities shall cease to operate by 2025'?" was held on November 24, 2018, and the referendum was passed. As Article 30 of the Referendum Act stipulates, for the proposal of the referendum of law, the original law shall lose its force from the third day counted from the day of public notice.

According to Ministry of Economic Affairs, Central Election Commission released the public notice of the referendum result on November 30, 2018; in accordance with the announced referendum result, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has announced on December 4, 2018 that the first paragraph of Article 95 of the Electricity Act has lost its force starting from December 2, 2018.

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