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Honduran export processing industry
Organization: Department of International Cooperation        Publish Date: 2019-01-10 17:11
Export processing sector in Honduras created roughly 18,000 jobs and generated about US$4 billion in foreign exchange earnings last year and is expected to create another 25,000 jobs and attract about US$3 million in foreign investment, mainly in textile processing, in 2019.

Textile and apparel processing is one of the six key sectors in the "Honduras 20/20" development program announced by President Juan Orlando Hernandez in 2016. The other sectors are tourism, light manufacturing, outsourcing services, agribusiness, and housing.

Honduran Manufacturers Association President Mario Canahuati stated that textile businesses would invest in setting up Honduras' first shoe export processing factory on the country's north coast in the near future. The plant will create more job opportunities, help revitalize the leather industry, and further strengthen urban-rural industrial links, while also boosting Honduras' exports, he added.

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