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2019-01-23 09:32
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Administrative performance 2018, and key points 2019, Industrial Development Bureau Summary

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I.Administrative performance for 2018
1.In accordance with the Statute for Industrial Innovation, a major overhaul was implemented by the end of 2017, and 15 sub-laws were implemented and announced in 2018. In addition, to help retain talent, Article 19 of the Statute for Industrial Innovation was amended.

2.A smart manufacturing coaching group was established to offer 324 SMEs consulting diagnosis services. This group has helped 58 manufacturers apply for government resources amounting to NT$698 million, driving manufacturers to invest NT$ 855 million.

3.Coaching in recycling of waste heat, waste energy and waste resources of the manufacturers in the industrial zone, the accumulated chain of links is about 4.33 million metric tons. With the reduction involving 166 boilers, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 964,000 tons, and furthermore promote the investment of NT$2,840 million.

4.Announced the “regulations for the identification and counseling of idled land in industrial zone and enforced auction”. According to this regulation, the list of plots of idle land was announced on September 26, 2018, covering an area of 214.5 hectares.

II.Administrative key points for 2019
1.To meet the demands of industrial development, be sure to review the provision of the Statute for Industrial Innovation, and complete the revision process before the end of the year.

2.Plan the AI value added smart manufacturing industry to promote the project, boost the process equipment for AI, and assist SMEs through the guidance mechanism to introduce AI application service modules in order to solve the problems of traditional manufacturing quality, parameter adjustment and scheduling, and then implement enterprise upgrades.

3.To promote the integration of energy resources, by replacing the excess energy and resources of factories in the industrial zone, allowing neighboring factories to reuse through the methods of mediation and linkage, further reinforce the linkage of energy resources integration and reduce carbon efficiency.

4.To assist manufacturers with land needs, offering preferential rental incentives and adjacent land amendment, also develop APPs to provide instant access to available land, idle land matchmaking information and the announcement of industrial land information services.
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