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Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C.

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2019-01-30 17:42
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Chinese New Year Fair at Stories behind the Mountain Center; Purchase Agricultural and Creative Merchandise at One Place.

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The Stories behind the Mountain Center, maintained by the Industrial Development Bureau at Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Stone & Resource Industry R&D Center (SRDC), was geared to promote local agricultural products and industries. The Chinese New Year Fair was held on January 26th and 27th  2019.

There were more than 50 specialty booths, such as meatballs, gourmet organic rice, organic tea gift boxes, cured meats, and dried meats. There were many popular snacks offered, all nostalgic, all representative of the Chinese New Year Festival.

If you want to go on an intellectual journey, you should also visit the Stone Museum on the third floor to learn about unique Hualien and Taitung rocks, as well as space design applications for stone, jade, and ceramic. With an optical projection screen, a 270-degree curved-theater allows people to have an interactive and immersive experience. Moreover, there are different subjects for every season in the local exhibition area on the second floor.

The first floor is the MIT boutique and eastern specialty product exhibition center, helping local manufacturers to utilize e-commerce, third-party payments, and multi-media to enhance product image and exposure. The  Stories Behind the Mountain Center features a special market event every week to enable local vendors to interact with consumers on the front line. The Stories Behind the Mountain Center also provides guided tours, as well as a variety of discount group purchase possibilities. The goal is to effectively assist in promoting local products and industries.
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Consumer Goods and Chemical Industries Division, Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
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Mr. Weng
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(02)2754-1255 ext.2331