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2019-02-01 13:39
Export Processing Zone Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs

New Semiconductor Investors Add to Nanzih Export Processing Zone. The Total Investment Figures Amounted over NT$ 2.6 billion.

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The Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) convened an investment application review meeting on 27th December 2018. Two new investment applications, including Vishay General Semiconductor Taiwan Ltd. and Pure Coin Financial Technology Co., Ltd. were approved to invest and station in. The total investment figures amounted over NT$ 2.6 billion, which is expected to increase 245 job vacancies.
Vishay General Semiconductor Taiwan Ltd. was founded in 1964, was the first foreign electronics company invested in Taiwan, and has always been the leader of semiconductor diodes industries. The company has its own wafer fabrication facilities, in-house assembly and testing facilities, strong team for researching and developing wafer fabrication and assembly testing, and its own automation division for designing and manufacturing key equipment. In 1991, the company founded the Semiconductor Diodes Division by adding little signals and high power departments, and its products covered a full range of small to large diodes items, which enhanced the stability of its leading position of diodes industries. According to the EPZA, surface-mounted diodes have been widely adopted by all kinds of electronic devices and equipment relating to industries, vehicles, consumer electronics, telecommunications, aerospace industries, and medical care. In addition, the increase of application of technologies has created the expansion of diodes markets. For expanding the production lines, Vishay General Semiconductor Taiwan Ltd. sets up the branch in Nanzih Export Processing Zone (NEPZ), and it will not only cluster semiconductor ICs, packaging and testing industries in NEPZ, but also integrate more complete upstream and downstream supply chains of power semiconductor industries.
Pure Coin Financial Technology Co., Ltd., which is going to invest and station in Taichung Software Park (TSP), provides direct selling services of E-commerce platforms. The company expects to turn the exist disadvantages of organic farming around and helps the green environment-friendly industries directly or indirectly in their daily lives through the three-pronged approaches, namely through membership systems, points economy, and visual-real currencies. In addition, the company tries to attract market attention and change the future of organic industries and sustainable environment through innovative business models and creations of new market demands.
(Investment Information Hotline: 886-7-361-2725)

Spokesman: Mr. Chien Min Chao (Deputy Director General, EPZA)
Contact Number: 886-7-3613348
Email: min@epza.gov.tw

Contact Person: Lin, Tai-an (Chief of Investment Section of the Third Division)
Contact Number: 886-7-361-1212 ext311
Email: Lintaian@epza.gov.tw