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2019-02-01 15:27
Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs
2019 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Pingtung - Brilliant 30th Year Multiple Payments Experience Center Smart Stores X Smart Sales X Smart Sellers, Create a New Mobile Life Experience Together
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The Pingtung County Government has joined hands with the Ministry of Economic Affairs to build a fast and convenient "Multiple Payment Experience Center" at the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Pingtung (which will run for 13 days, from Feb 19th to Mar 3th, 2019). The center is hoped to increase business opportunities in the smart industry for small and medium enterprises in Taiwan and help implement the government's industry development policy that encourages promotion of multiple payments; meanwhile, it is hoped to stimulate consumption, grow domestic demands, and invigorate the market as well. Gathered together in the event are high-quality brands with character, such as the warm and friendly "Tzen's Mochi",produced naturally by "Better Farming" which is chemical free; the convenient "OK mini smart vending machine"; and also "BABO Arms" to make bubble tea automatically." Visitors to the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Pingtung will be able to experience the smart and convenient lifestyle that multiple payments have brought in via multiple scenarios, which means more stoppings, more fun!

Smart Payments Explored in Three Ways
This activity aims to promote distinctive goods from the cities and towns of Taiwan by introducing applications of mobile payments. The "Multiple Payments Experience Center" consists of three parts, namely, "Smart Stores," "Smart Sales," and "Smart Sellers." Visitors are invited to experience convenience and intelligence through multiple payments. The center may also stimulate more demands of local products.

Smart Stores: OK mini has a non-traditional selling method. The only one smart mini store in Taiwan functions with complete Internet of things, cloud apps, and consumer invoices, this mini convenience store is unique for its supports of multiple payment options. Visitors can pick up trendy and diverse products, all by using smart payment options.

Smart Sales: Tzen's Mochi, seller of handmade mochi which is a local brand in Hualien, has embraced brand marketing connecting intelligent robots with a variety of products. Robots can sell mochi, too! Babo arms is the first automatic tea shop in the world, combines some of the top tech trends - robotic arms and smart ordering systems. Every cup of tea is tailor-made with care - and multiple payments are supported.

Smart Sellers: During the lantern festival, visitors are welcome to look for various kinds of high-quality delicacies or local products carefully selected all over Taiwan. And visitors can make their purchases with mobile payments. For example, "Better Farming" produces lemons and related products through natural farming, which is natural, safe, healthy, and non-toxic. "Love Orchard" produces guavas, tomatoes, and processed agricultural products with love; and "Organic Green & Juicy," takes freshness, diversity, flavor, and health as its core business philosophy; it provides consumers with the freshest organic vegetables, fruit, and agricultural products processed naturally.

Payment Experience, Limited Gifts of Purchase
The 2019 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Pingtung - at the Multiple Payments Experience Center (open from Feb 19th to Mar 3th) visitors can not only find bargains on carefully selected Taiwanese products, but can also obtain a gift as mobile payments was made, price won't bother. If you purchase goods through mobile payment, you will have the choice of receiving gifts. Plenty but limited high-quality gifts are waiting for you! You are invited to witness the new mobile living experience brought by multiple payments. Don't forget to visit Taiwan Lantern Festival in Pingtung, and don't forget to do some shoppings!