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2019-03-21 15:35
Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs

An Updated Version of Application Guide for Residency in Startup Terrace is Now Released

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The updated version of the application guide has made changes concerning the rights and obligations as well as review schedule. Please see the guide for complete details.

Startup Terrace is now accepting residency applications. Startups, international accelerators, entrepreneurship development organizations, and business service or professional service oriented businesses from Taiwan and foreign countries are all welcome to apply. To apply, please fill out Residency Application Form and attach business plan, declaration, and a hard copy of company registration certificate or certificate of commercial registration (startup company ready to be incorporated is exempted from sending the last document). Send the required documents by mail or in person to Taipei Computer Association. Foreign companies may apply via hello@startupterrace.tw. For detailed information related to residency, please refer to "Application Guide for Residency in Startup Terrace", which can be downloaded at Startup Terrace's official website > Apply > Residency > Download. For inquiries, please call +886-2-2369-2358.

Startup Terrace's official website: https://www.startupterrace.tw/
Application Guide for Residency in Startup Terrace
Open Application Guide for Residency in Startup Terrace.pdf (604.3KB)