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2019-03-29 14:14
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

The Ultra-Fine Pitch High-Speed Multi-DUT Interposer as Best Solution for Wafers under 10nm

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Following the demand for electronic end products with high efficiency and low power consumption, an increasing number of products has adopted advanced manufacturing technology. Therefore, when the technology node reaches 10 nm or below, not only does wafer testing interface that controls the yield rate of IC play a relatively important role, but the demands for testing technology also increases. The Ultra-Fine Pitch high-speed multi-DUT interposer technology developed by Chunghwa Precision Test Technology Co., Ltd. (CHPT) provides IC manufacturers of under 14/16nm advanced solution for IC wafer testing, which is currently adopted by TSMC for under 10nm IC products.
IDB has been promoting the Taiwan Industry Innovation Platform Program (TIIP) through research and development subsidies to encourage enterprises to conduct innovative research and development on competitive products or services with a prospect of forming integral supply chain system. In 2016, CHPT applied for the development of Ultra-Fine Pitch high-speed multi-DUT interposer technology and was approved by Industrial Development Bureau under TIIP.
The idea of Ultra-Fine Pitch high-speed multi-DUT interposer is to create an Ultra-Fine Pitch Interposer with the use of organic materials and semiconductor manufacturing technology, which functions as a critical board during wafer testing procedures. CHPT has, with its pioneering three-phase manufacturing process technology, broken through the bottleneck of organic materials. That is, beyond their limitation to temperature, CHPT has managed to use organic materials to create interposers with micro-space, fulfilling the needs of advanced production process for under 10nm ICs and high-efficiency complicated mobile communication ICs.
CHPT is dedicated to provide semiconductor industry testing requiring interposer services. With its pioneering and remarkable technology in the field, CHPT received the 2017 (4th) Certificate of Potential Taiwan Mittelstand Award in April 2017. The construction of its new headquarters in July 2017 will be ready for operation in the third quarter of 2019.
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