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2019-04-09 15:31
Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs
"Resilient Taiwan - National Water Management Conference" opens for registration from now on!
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 "Resilient Taiwan - National Water Management Conference" will be held on April 30, 2019. Registration starts from now on! Welcome everyone who concerns about the issue of water management in Taiwan to participate in this grand ceremony, all kinds of valuable advice are deeply appreciated.

 The Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. indicated that due to the challenges of water management and disaster prevention under the extreme climate, the experts from industries, officials, schools, and research institutes have been invited to participate in the preparatory meeting on March 29 for "Resilient Taiwan - National Water Management Conference". Participants put forward a lot of valuable specific views and suggestions on water management to make our work break the limitation of traditional thinking and create a new pattern for the future. At the same time, four major themes were summarized as the topic of discussion in the formal conference: (1) develop the national land plan to sort out the spatial distribution of soil and water resources, (2) build the transfer model from the experiences of flood resilience, (3) implement the comprehensive governance with the local action plan, and (4) facing the capricious climate, it's necessary to reorganize the water organizations with high integration and efficiency. In addition, the attendees have provided specific and exact points for implementation for each theme.

 In order to join the official meeting of the "Resilient Taiwan - National Water Management Conference", the participant should register online. The deadline for registration is April 24. Due to the limited number of places, you must catch this rare opportunity and register as soon as possible. In addition, for the purpose of making the meeting more focus on the four major themes, we established the "discussion forums for the four themes" in the registration website. Please provide your precious suggestion on the internet. The Ministry of Economic Affairs will collect and integrate all the opinions to modify the themes and put them into the discussion in the conference. Let us work together to build a resilient and livable Taiwan.
For registration, please scan QRCODE or go to the website: https://sites.google.com/view/108twc/, or apply the quick links of the Global Website of the Water Resources Agency - "Resilient Taiwan - National Water Management Conference".

Spokesman of Water Resources Agency : Deputy Director-General Yi-Fung Wang
e-mail :a15w240@wra.gov.tw
Office number:(02)37073011 Mobile:0933-012183

Organizer:Director Kuang-Chih Chang, Planning Division, WRA  
e-mail :a600010@wra.gov.tw
Office number:(02)37073030 Mobile:0988-367553