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2019-04-17 09:16
Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Energy-themed tabletop game instructed by bureau of energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs is awarded with 2019 golden donkey award for Taiwan's best original boardgame

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"Power on!" is an energy-themed tabletop game instructed by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEABOE) and which has won the golden donkey award for Taiwan's best original tabletop game during the grand annual occasion today (6th April). This is the first tabletop game themed with energy policy to win the best original tabletop game title.

Objectives behind the "power on!" is to promote energy knowledge and raise energy awareness. MOEABOE acknowledge the complexity of energy issues which pose high barriers for public discussion. Hence, since 2017 the tabletop game has been applied as carrier to promote energy-related knowledge and to facilitate public to learn the status quo and challenges of Taiwan's energy. In this context, the public shall be able to make a better choice and judgement upon public discussion or energy-themed referendum. In order to ignite the spark of creative tabletop game inventions, the MOEABOE held the first energy-themed tabletop game design contest. Many pieces of boardgames carved with creativity and with full of educational meaning during the contest, "power on" is one of the awarded pieces of work which officially released in 2018 after moderate adjustment by MOEABOE.

"Power on!" suits for fifth and sixth grade of elementary school and junior high school. MOEABOE had hosted 6 sessions of tutor training courses and teaching plan contest in order to promote the tabletop game as teaching tool delivering pros and cons of different energy, costs of certain energy mix as well as the meaning of environmental sustainability.
Apart from "Power on!", the bureau has co-developed "Electropolis", another energy-themed tabletop game which will debut during the occasion. The strategy-based tabletop game is designed for teenagers and college students and will reflect the siting and location issues of energy facilities in-depth as well as the public acceptance and referendum in order to simulate reality. Players are expected to think deeply about Taiwan's current energy issues throughout the game. "Electropolis" is scheduled to release this June, it is believed will again boom upsurge of energy-themed tabletop game in the community.

Being recognized with the award, MOEABOE is encouraged to continually promote energy knowledge to broader community through "learning by playing" via various channels and measures (such as participate in exhibitions and educational activity in schools), and look forward to raise more public support toward the development of Taiwan's energy.
Any inquiry regarding the application of "Power on!" as teaching tool from all elementary/junior high school and teachers is welcome. Teaching plans and information will be provided upon inquiry for educational purpose.

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