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2019-04-26 14:13
Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs
2019 Stationary Fuel Cell Generation System Subsidy program is now available for application
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In order to promote new energy technologies applied to power generations in Taiwan, The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) announced a new financial subsidy program for hydrogen fuel cell power systems this year, and accept applications starting April 1st. The funding covers fuel cell installation, peripheral equipment, and fuel costs up to NT$70,000 ($2,270 USD) per kW.

The MOEA announced the "Subsidy program for Stationary Fuel Cell Power Generation System" on July 9th, 2018. Through long periods of operation demonstrations, the studies of the durability, reliability and power generating performers of fuel cell systems, could provide great reference to the commercialization of fuel cell for distributed power generation.

The Bureau of Energy revealed that many manufacturers have been rewarded the subsidy grant last year. Applications include peak shaving and load leveling of the industrial park, distributed power supply for residential area, and the re-use of hydrogen by-product from semiconductor processes. These demonstration projects are expected to establish a benchmark on self-support power and recycling economy, so the investment from domestic large electricity users or industrial users could adopt those solutions, and reduce the tension of power loading of grid in Taiwan.

2019 Stationary Fuel Cell Generation System Subsidy program is available for application. Target applicants for this program include public and private businesses, medical institutes, and schools that are legally registered in Taiwan. The program covers fuel cells, peripheral equipment, and fuel costs up to NT$70,000 per kW with a cap at 40% of the project budget.

Fuel cell power generation is one of the medium-to-long-term key solutions for promoting green energy development in Taiwan. This program encourages industrial technology demonstration by installation of fuel cell power generation systems incorporating with local fuel supplier and it is expected to provide Taiwan alternative energy resources, to realize the benefit of self-support energy, and to expedite green energy development goal.

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