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2019-05-06 11:56
Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs

The successful National Water Management Conference makes progress towards the "Resilient Taiwan"

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The Ministry of Economic Affairs held the "Resilient Taiwan - National Water Management Conference" at the Taipei International Convention Center on April 30, chaired by Professor Jiunn-Rong Yeh, Professor Xuzheng Zeng, Professor Sheng-Fong Lin, President Fan-Ying Yu and Minister Jong-Chin Shen. Premier Tseng-Chang Su was also invited to make an opening address. Taking the construction of "Resilient Taiwan" as the subject, we have discussed the four themes of (1) develop the national land plan to sort out the spatial distribution of soil and water resources, (2) implement the comprehensive governance with the local action plan, (3) build the transfer model from the experiences of flood resilience, and (4) facing the capricious climate, it's necessary to develop a mechanism with high integration and efficiency. There were more than 160 civil society groups and 800 people attended the meeting. Finally, the conference obtained 12 consensus conclusions to be an important basis for the implementation of water management policies in the future.

The minister Shen said that the impacts and phenomena brought by climate change have been a serious challenge globally, and it is also the most concerned issue for experts and policymakers in the world. It is also necessary for us to accomplish the relevant preparations and response measures in Taiwan, to encourage the public to pay more attention and to participate in the work. We must link the central and local governments and the public and private together. Those processes will help us to break through the previous framework to build the resilient and livable Taiwan in the future.

Premier Su said that he agreed and supported the concept of "constructing resilient Taiwan", and he suggested to apply the power and energy from the private to provide the valuable advice. From the field of national regulations to budgets, we should always do our best as much as possible. In response to the more and more arduous disaster threats in the future, the concept of water retaining and drainage in the past should be modified to be a resilient city. It can absorb and distribute the flood, and get a quick recovery. The resilient city topic will be discussed by experts, scholars, non-governmental organizations, and the government. The more we prepare, the less we lose after the disaster.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs said this conference is the largest one ever with the most participants in the historical national water management conference. The participants included legislators, the Prosecutors Offices of the Ministry of Justice in the platform against corruption for soil, water and forest management and water governance, the municipal and county governments, the Department of Irrigation and Engineering, the technician association, NPO, NGO, academics and representatives from various agencies. All participants contributed and witnessed the future water control and disaster prevention plan in Taiwan, the consensus conclusions of the 12 proposals are as follows: "Strengthen national land and water resources conservation and water safety management", "The concept of risk management, environmentally sensitive areas, water resources management, and land restoration should be included in the national land plan", "Enhance the policy communication, transfer the local experiences to knowledge, develop the awareness and behavior for long term disaster prevention and strengthen the community resilience or flood prevention", "Combine with land use management to achieve local detention, develop flooding capacity, create urban and rural environments that are not afraid of flooding, and reach the symbiosis with floods", "Step by step to adjust the flood protection standards by localization", "Strengthen the software and hardware of weather forecasting, establish comprehensive disaster response strategies and evacuation measures, and establish an effective early warning mechanism" and "We need a highly integrated and effective mechanism to integrate the authority of watershed business for water, soil, and forest management to achieve more effective communication and coordination".

The national water management conference is not the end of the work, but it is the starting point of various water management tasks. The Ministry of Economic Affairs will collaborate with ministries and local governments to promote consensus conclusions and develop the short-, medium- and long-term specific action plans to solve the water problems by the resilient Taiwan. It's also expected that the implementation of short-term action plans will demonstrate the achievement from the water control work in this year. The results will make people understand the government's determination of water management to build a resilient and livable Taiwan with public participation.

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