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2019-05-14 09:23
Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs

The third reading of the draft amendment of the Renewable Energy Development Act has been completed, optimizing the legal environment for renewable energy under the energy transition

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With the concerted efforts of members of the Legislative Yuan and all walks of life, the Legislative Yuan has completed the third reading of the draft amendments to " Renewable Energy Development Act" today (April, 12th), and the Ministry of Economic Affairs expresses its sincere gratitude.  In addition to effectively optimize renewable energy development environment of our nation and improve the efficiency of policy promotion, this draft amendment will help to achieve the goal of 20% of electrical power generation from renewable energy sources by 2025, and move towards a new century of various renewable energy markets for our nation.

The amendments of the " Renewable Energy Development Act" are based on three major themes, " Optimizing the environment for renewable energy development", " Revising to comply with the changes in the Electricity Act 2017", and "Expanding public participation". The brief breakdown is listed as follows:
I. "Optimizing the environment for renewable energy development":
(1)The central and local government agencies have cooperated to review the application cases for renewable energy to achieve measures of convenience.
(2)The reward range for the Run of the river hydroelectricity will be expanded to those utilizing Run of the river hydro power or existing hydraulic facilities to set up a hydroelectric system of less than 20,000 kW.
(3)Simplify the fund operation mode and delete the regulations of minimum fossil fuel rate.
(4)The promotion goal of renewable energy installation in 2025 increases from 10 million kW to more than 27 million kW.

II. Revising to comply with the changes in the Electricity Act 2017
(1)Coordinate with the Electricity Act to open up the business model of direct supply and transfer of renewable energy power generation, to guarantee the rate which electrical energy is converted at the Feed-in Tariff (FIT).
(2)Strengthen the flexibility of grid connection and operation, and operators have to set up substations and lines separately or jointly.
(3)The capacity for the simplification procedure is relaxed from less than 500 kW to 2,000 kW.

III. "Expanding public participation":
(1)In order to promote and expand public participation and utilization of renewable energy, we obligate large power users to set up the renewable energy power generation equipment to fulfill corporate social responsibilities.
(2)Provide a demonstration incentive program for cooperatives, community/civic power plants, or renewable energy power generation equipment located in the aboriginal areas.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs said that "the Renewable Energy Development Act " will provide an important direction for the diversified development of renewable energy. The actual implementation details will be regulated through relevant sub-laws and supporting mechanisms. In the process of the drawing up, interested parties and relevant Non-governmental organization (NGO) will be invited to participate jointly. With everyone's efforts, we want to create cleaner power and air for the health of future generation and to achieve the vision of sustainable energy transition for energy, industries, and environment of our nation.

Speaker: Chun-Li Lee, Deputy Director General, Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs
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