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2019-05-15 14:40
Department of International Cooperation
Taipei ICAC seminar focuses on sustainability issues
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Welcome remarks
The ICAC International Seminar 2019, Taipei was held May 15, with more than 150 domestic and overseas cotton and textile experts and professionals, including representatives of 14 ICAC member states from all five continents, taking part in the gathering.

The seminar, themed "Sustainability: New Future for the Cotton and Textile Industry," was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the International Cotton Advisory Committee.

In her welcome remarks, MOEA Deputy Minister Mei-Hua Wang noted that in response to various challenges brought about by rapid and substantial changes globally, the cotton and textile sector needs to accelerate its upgrading through innovation in order to achieve the goal of sustainable development. She stressed that Taiwan is more than willing to engage in greater cooperation with other ICAC member states on moving toward sustainability, adding that Taiwan's textile sector has made great strides in this regard through technological advances and innovative applications.

During the seminar, the U.S. representative gave a presentation on advances in cotton sustainability as well as the development of cotton traceability in recent years. The representatives of Australia, Egypt and India also shared their views on sustainable cotton and recycling cotton. All the representatives agreed on the importance of policy, source design, and technology research and development on the sustainability of the cotton and textile industry.

In addition, the Kazakh and Uzbek representatives both stated they believe there is great potential for strengthening industrial cooperation with Taiwan. Meanwhile, the representatives of Sudan and Kenya affirmed Taiwan's ability in holding ICAC seminars and plenary meetings.

Taiwan has been an active participant in the ICAC since becoming a member in 1963. Taipei has hosted a total of seven international ICAC symposiums since the first was held in 2005, aiming to foster greater exchanges and collaboration among member states in order to facilitate solutions to common challenges in the cotton and textile sector.

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