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2019-08-02 15:00
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
MOEA Delegation Visits Japan to Expand R&D or Technical Cooperation in Taiwan
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Political Deputy Minister Tseng, Wen-Sheng of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) led the 2019 Taiwan-Japan OB Alliance Kanto Industry Cooperation Delegation visit to Japan from July 22 to 26. Consisting of members from the Industrial Development Bureau, Department of Investment Services, Taiwan-Japan Industrial Collaboration Promotion Office (TJPO), Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries Promotion Office (BPIPO), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) Material and Chemical Research Laboratories, Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association (TEEIA), Smart Electronics Industry Project Promotion Office (SIPO), Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc., and TA LIANG Technology Co., the delegation aimed to negotiate specific semiconductor cooperation with Japan.
The Industrial Development Bureau reported that the delegation visited international manufacturers in the fields of semiconductor equipment and materials (DISCO, Panasonic IS, Mitsui Chemicals, Hitachi Chemical Company), smart manufacturing/regenerative medicine (Cellseed, Hitachi, NEC), energy (Marunouchi Heat Supply, Hitachi Mitsubishi Hydro Corporation), and information platform services (LINE) to expand the investment and R&D in Taiwan. According to the Industrial Development Bureau, as Taiwan's semiconductor industry continues to expand its capital investments in recent years, the willingness of Japanese companies and clients to develop materials and equipment for high-end process has increased. Business opportunities arising from the government-led 5+2 Industry Innovation Plan and DIGI Plus Plan also increase the interest of Japanese companies in smart manufacturing, regenerative medicine and energy issues.
The delegation also organized the 2019 Taiwan-Japan OB Business Forum in Tokyo, where TJPO presented the overall industrial situation in Taiwan and Japan to promote Taiwan’s industry policies and niches for Taiwan-Japan cooperation. In addition, Advantech, TA LIANG Technology, and Generalplus shared the results of smart manufacturing and AI applications, which were highly recognized by more than 270 attendants.
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