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2019-11-26 15:58
Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs held the "Renewable Energy Week 2019-Cooperation among Central and Local Governments to scale up Green Energy"
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Bureau of Energy (BOE) held the Renewable Energy Week 2019-Cooperation among Central and Local Governments to scale up Green Energy at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 for three consecutive days, from October 16 to 18. President Tsai Ing-wen, Minister of Economic Affairs, Shen Jong-Chin, Director-General of the Bureau of Energy, Yu Cheng-Wei, and other VIPs have addressed at the opening ceremony and kicked off joint exhibition activities for "Taiwan International Smart Energy Week", "Taiwan International Electronics Show", and "Taiwan International AIoT Show".

In her opening speech, the President stated that accelerating the energy transition and for our enterprises to ride the trend, the government has increased the renewable energy generation share to reach 20% by 2025. By expanding the domestic demand to support the local supply chain development, our enterprises will be strengthened. Among all renewable energy, the solar photovoltaic industry is the fastest growing and the 20 GW target of the solar PV capacity by 2025 is achievable.

The President also stressed that the first commercial-scale offshore wind farm in Taiwan has been commissioned and started generating power, which is an important milestone in Taiwan's energy transition and development. It is estimated that the offshore wind power will boost NT$1 trillion investments and worth a total of 1.2 trillion economic value and create 20,000 jobs by 2025.

To encourage excellent enterprises on the effort of developing solar photovoltaic products with high performance quality and reliability, optimize the setting for installing solar photovoltaic and increase the competitiveness in the international market, the exhibition set the annual awards "Top Solar Award" and "Taiwan Excellent PV", and through Minister Shen presenting prize to this year's winner.

There are four categories in the Top Solar Awards. Bank SinoPac and Cathay United Bank have been awarded in the category of Excellent Financial Services, TE Electrical Engineering Company and Mechanical Engineering Company for the Good System Manufacturers, Hu Chang-zhen and Lin Li-jun for the Excellent Small System Awards, TE Electrical Engineering Company and Baiyang Energy Company for the Excellent Medium and Large-scale System awards.

For the awards of Taiwan Excellent PV, TSEC, AUO Optronics, Win Win Precision Technology, Motech and United Renewable Energy companies have been awarded in the category of the Solar Photovoltaic Module and TSEC has also won the Solar Cell category.

BOE said that Renewable Energy Week 2019 is the exhibition for presenting renewable energy policy and achievement, and the effort of inter-government. Therefore, BOE provides two pavilions: "BOE Green Energy Pavilion" and "Municipal and County Renewable Energy Promotion Pavilion". The former presents the accomplishments of several projects, such as targeting 6.5 GW Solar PV in 2020, 4 years wind power expansion, and Shalun Green Energy Science Demonstration Site, a Flagship Project, etc., organized in specific technologies, such as solar photovoltaic, wind energy, biomass, geothermal, ocean energy, energy storage and others. The latter presents the achievement of the joint efforts of the central and local governments' cooperation in promoting green energy, to close the gap between the government policy and the public for innovative solutions and thinking.

BOE welcomes all to the Renewable Energy Week for better understanding, supporting and participating in renewable energy. The government will continue to promote renewable energy for the greater economic value of Taiwan's green energy, earlier energy transition, and sustainable environmental future.

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