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2019-12-03 14:44
Department of Investment Services
Lam Research SVP Jennings awarded Medal of Economic Contribution
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Economic Affairs Minister Mr. Jong-Chin Shen conferred the Medal of Economic Contribution on Lam Research Senior Vice President Mr. Kevin Jennings
Economic Affairs Minister Mr. Jong-Chin Shen conferred the Medal of Economic Contribution on Lam Research Senior Vice President Mr. Kevin Jennings on the afternoon of December 3, 2019 in recognition of promoting Lam's investment in Taiwan, establishing a semiconductor processing equipment supply chain, assisting in improving the level of technology provided by Taiwanese suppliers, as well as the outstanding contribution towards promoting the semiconductor industry development in Taiwan.

Lam Research is one of the world's top 3 semiconductor processing equipment suppliers. It mainly supplies semiconductor processing equipment for etching, thin film, stripper and cleaner, providing the world's most advanced technology and services. Senior Vice President Mr. Jennings is in charge of the supply chain management and equipment manufacturing of Lam Research and is optimistic about the strength of the Taiwanese semiconductor industry, he promoted the establishment of the "Global Refurbishment Center" in Taiwan which has demonstrated outstanding performance, and combined experience and technology from the US headquarters to cultivate talents in the semiconductor industry in Taiwan, helping raise the level of technology provided by key local suppliers and thus greatly benefiting the development of Taiwan's semiconductor industry

During the ceremony, Minister Shen especially emphasized that Taiwan is the preferred investment destination for global high-tech companies, especially since Taiwan is the world's most important semiconductor industry cluster, in addition to the abundance of excellent professionals and regard to the protection of intellectual property rights. It attracts world-renowned semiconductor manufacturers to invest in Taiwan, while the industrial ecosystem and the local investment in semiconductor processes all continue to expand. Lam Research continues to invest in Taiwan, which aligns with Taiwan's future development needs pertaining to the semiconductor industry. It is undoubtedly the best choice

The Ministry of Economic Affairs recognizes Senior Vice President Mr. Jennings's outstanding contribution in promoting the development of Taiwan's semiconductor industry. He was thereby specially awarded the Medal of Economic Contribution. Taiwanese officials and relevant heads of department as well as industrial representatives were present at the ceremony.

Department of Investment Services, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Spokesperson:James Chang, Deputy Director General

Business Contact:Ying-Ju Chen, Section Chief