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2019-12-09 09:12
Department of Industrial Technology

The AITA Membership & SIG Kick-Off Meeting

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The AITA Membership & SIG Kick-Off Meeting.
AITA (AI-on-Chip Taiwan Alliance) serving to enable the eco-system for AI chips in Taiwan kicked off on July 2nd this year with over 80 members. On November 26th, the AITA Membership & SIG Kick-Off Meeting presented four SIGs (Special Interest Group) focusing on (1) AI chip application, (2) Heterogeneous integration, (3) Emerging architecture, and (4) AI system software to facilitate the collaborative engagements for boosting industrial competitiveness. Each SIG announced its strategy and corresponding goals, including a first heterogeneously integrated common interface for AI chip in Taiwan, brand-new computing architecture for AI, the software to accelerate the design for AI chips, and the applications of AI system integration. The products with the latest AI technologies also demonstrated on-site by the members. Reaching a consensus by the members and more yet to come, the event has opened up a new page for the era of AI chips in Taiwan.