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2019-12-16 16:02
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Circular materials plus design thinking: Helping the traditional building materials industry create addition value

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Reusing stone waste by making it into recycled materials through Resource recovery technology and design capabilities
Due to the industry guidance policy facilitated by Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEAIDB) in recent years and the brave innovation practiced by new generations of the stone industry in Taiwan, the 2nd and 3rd generations are taking the experience of the last generation accepting the challenges of market changes in order to not only secure existing markets but also to develop the ability of the industry to'converse' with the market. As living standards and the need for goods made from eco-friendly material rise, stone remnants have been used by developed Western Countries in reproducing new green materials for further improvement and development to build materials with a high value of circulation.

In the 2019 Featured Industry High-Value Application Guidance and Promotion Project, under guidance of the implementer Stone & Resource Industry R&D Center (SRDC) chairman Shi Huan-zhen, the company has been proactively developing technical energy of waste stone remnants. In recent years, due to the lack of natural resources and raw materials for stone as well as the advocacy of sustainable circulation economy policies, stone chip (powder) materials can be made through circular recycling in the process of stone industry manufacturing, with appearance planning of chips division, toning, etc. With cement and the application of compound technology, the new type of terrazzo product is being developed.

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