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2020-01-22 16:42
Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Welcoming The Blossoming Spring of Mouse Year, Water Resources Agency, MOEA, Invites You to Become The Top Notch Water-Conserving Expert

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checking faucets and toilet for any possibly water leakage before leaving home
Chinese New Year holiday is coming. According to the tradition, people in Taiwan will do a thorough year-end house cleaning. Which also means the water consumption surges during this particular period. Therefore, Water Resources Agency, MOEA, would like to send a message to everyone about water conservation. It only takes a few simple steps in daily routines to succeed saving water resources. Except for the tips that people are already familiar with, such as showering instead of bathing, selecting shorter laundry time on the washing machine option, recycling water from rinsing rice and vegetables for mopping floors and watering plants, purchasing toilets or washing machines with water-consumption-mark, etc., checking water consuming equipments at home for leakage problems regularly not only saves water but also prevents money from going into waste for unnecessary water bills.

Water Resources Agency, MOEA, would like to share some tips suggested by water-conserving experts to save water in day to day life. Firstly, for example, comparing to washing a car with water from the hose, which takes 240 litre of water, it only takes 60 liter of water to do the washing from a bucket full of water. A small change easily saves 180 liter of water. Secondly, while preparing for a Chinese New Year feast, taking the frozen food out of freezer early and putting it on a metal pan will expedite the time of defrosting. Instead of leaving the frozen food under running water, it avoids the chances of wasting water. Finally, dusting before wiping with damped cloth during house cleaning will significantly removes the dust, as well as reduce the the water wasted while repeatedly dampening the cloth. Water conservation is easy. Everyone can become a top notch water-conversing expert by growing a good habit of how to properly use water.

Over the recent years, there are more and more families who plan to go away on a vacation during Chinese New Year. It has become more common people choose not to stay home for Chinese New Year celebration. Water Resources Agency, MOEA, would like to take this opportunity to send a reminder of checking faucets and toilet for any possibly water leakage before leaving home. These little and easy tips will benefit your holiday, make your new year celebration more joyful. In The Year of Mouse, let's all make an effort of conserving water as well as saving money by avoiding wasting water.

Spokesman, Water Resources Agency: Deputy Minister, Wang Yeng-Fung


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