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2020-05-12 09:22
Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs
On the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, Water Resources Agency, MOEA, calls on "water saving and love earth"
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water saving and love earth
Water saving is to love the earth! Water Resources Agency, MOEA, has spared no effort to promote water saving, such as, meticulous water-saving management, counseling manufacturers to strengthen water-saving, promoting the popularization of water-saving products, Legislation passed that toilets and washing machines cannot be sold without a water conservation mark. Since June 2019, water saving has exceeded 630 million tons, equivalent to the capacity of a Zengwen Reservoir. Water resources are critical to the sustainable development of the national society. Saving water can reduce the risk of water shortage, reduce wastewater discharge, and protect the environment. Water Resources Agency calls on all people to save water and response to Earth Day!

According to Water Resources Agency, MOEA, there are many simple ways to conserve water in daily life, such as taking a shower instead of a bath, using rice and vegetable rinsed water for mopping and watering plants, etc. During COVID-19 period, the agency would like to further promote "epidemic prevention on the hand, faucet turn-off keep in head."While we wash hands frequently to prevent epidemic from spreading, we should also pay attention to faucets after using the water to see if they are turned off properly. Hand washing is indispensable to epidemic prevention. Meanwhile, implementing water saving.

Water Resources Agency, MOEA, stated that government agencies should take the lead in saving water to set a model. Hence, the government agencies and schools are evaluated annually for water saving. Compare to the water consumption during in 2018 the water saving reached 2.67 million tons in 2019. In industry water saving, take the initiative to guide manufacturers to improve water efficiency. The outstanding water-saving industry, commerce and water-saving experts of the year are publicly awarded by the MOEA as a model for all walks of life. In 2019, the industry's water-saving benefits exceeded 6.67 million tons.

In order to encourage consumers to choose water-saving products, implement national water-saving efficiency and promote the industry to develop water-saving equipment. The Water Resources Agency has promoted the water conservation mark system since 1998, and there are currently 11 products in total. Among them, there are three items that are further graded as "Gold grade"and "Regular grade", including (1)single water flushing closet (2) dual water flushing closet (3)washing machine. It is also scheduled to add "flush urinals" as the next grading item in May this year. Furthermore, the sales of water conservation mark products were changed from voluntary to parallel with mandatory in 2018, which has significantly improved the effectiveness of water saving. As of the end of last year, 2.97 million water conservation marks were used, and the annual water saving amount was 26.58 million tons.

Spokesman, Water Resources Agency: Deputy Minister, Wang Yeng-Fung
e-mail: a15w240@wra.gov.tw
Office Tel:(02)37073011  Mobile:0933-012183

Organizer:Conservation Division of Water Resources Agency
Director:Chien Chao-Chun
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