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2020-06-19 09:13
Department of Industrial Technology

[2020 Edison Awards] Smart manufacturing technology for the fastener industry (SMTFI)

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SMTFI features complete online inspections that raise the correction rate of accepted products more than 99%.
"Smart manufacturing technology for the fastener industry (SMTFI)" won the Edison Awards (SILVER) of Applied Technology in Metal Production. MIRDC developed a comprehensive, systematic smart solution for fasteners and rapidly expanded to fastener makers through cloud services for quick response and flexible production, reducing reliance on labor and providing real-time information for customized smart manufacturing solutions.

SMTFI enables optimized production and data-driven decision through production information and performance indicators. Forming and design increases trial efficiency by 50%. The smart die guiding system digitizes experience, tripling adjustment efficiency. The in-line process quality-sensing inspection value-added module replaces manual sampling, with good products classified over 99% accuracy. For transparency and accuracy, SMTFI collects process information, monitors equipment and quality, and feeds these data to each machine to avoid unexpected shutdowns. This system saves over 50% of total cost.

SMTFI can be applied in the fields of fasteners, metal stamping, forging, die casting, etc., to assist Taiwan manufacturing industry to obtain international orders in becoming a first-line manufacturer.