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2020-06-19 09:15
Department of Industrial Technology

[2020 Edison Awards] ITRI's Innovative Adhesive Solution Celluad Took Home a Gold in the 2020 Edison Awards

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Celluad is a formaldehyde-free wood adhesive using abandoned cellulose derivative as its main raw material.
ITRI's Celluad won a gold in 2020 Edison Awards in the Material Sciences & Engineering category. This technology is a formaldehyde-free wood adhesive using abandoned cellulose derivative as its main raw material and can be applied to plywood, flooring, and lumber core board. Unlike soy protein-based formaldehyde-free wood adhesives, Celluad is less expensive and eliminates the issue of competing with food. Moreover, it has no strong odor and will not spoil easily when stored. With its unique formula and modification process, Celluad exhibits excellent adhesion and water-resistance. Its hydrophobic resin allows it to resist boiling water for 4 hours, meeting the test requirements of CNS1349 type I.

Celluad also shows high process compatibility. There is no need to purchase additional equipment in order to produce plywood from Celluad. The manufacturing facilities involved in the formaldehyde-free plywood fabrication process match the original ones and the system is easy to use. Given the above distinctive features, Celluad has been adopted by suppliers to major international furniture retailers.

Celluad already gained patents in Taiwan, Japan, U.S. and Europe, with the world's most strict standard NAF and EPA's latest standard TSCA-6. Celluad is expected to be widely used in the supply chain of global renowned furniture companies. In the meanwhile, ITRI established startups for adhesive production, aiming to transform traditional wood material into toxin-free products and offer a heathier living environment.