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2020-07-30 16:57
Bureau of Standards,Metrology & Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Amended and Promulgated the CNS 15933 National Standards for Tactile Walking Surface Indicators to Safeguard the Safety of the Vision Impaired Persons

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Amended and Promulgated the CNS 15933 National Standards for Tactile Walking Surface Indicators to Safeguard the Safety of the Vision Impaired Persons
Vision impaired persons may encounter various unfavorable situations when they are walking alone, where they may acquire information that requires attention from the environment through touching, hearing, and visual. Therefore, white canes, touch of shoe sole, and tactile walking surface indicators (TWSIs) were developed to provide the guiding functions by leveraging their residual visual for identification. To protect the safety of the vision impaired persons, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) has amended and promulgated the national standards of CNS 15933 Assistive Products for Vision Impaired Persons-Tactile Walking Surface Indicators, with reference to ISO International Standards, on 8 May 2020 for all sectors to refer to and observe.

According to the BSMI, the key amendments for the CNS 15933 Tactile Walking Surface Indicators standards are as follow:
(1) Height:Considering the effect of heights on those with spinal injuries, the compressed concrete TWSIs are adopted for the pedestrian walk in practice. Therefore, it is provided that the height shall be ranging from 4mm to 5mm. For any fairly flat indoor environment, the height of 4mm shall be adopted to assist in the safe and independent mobility of vision impaired persons.
(2) Type of TWSIs:TWSIs are categorized into attention patterns and guidance patterns. Attention TWSIs may be installed on the surrounding area of facilities, such as ground curbs, platforms of stations, stairways, and elevators, to bring awareness to danger, crossroads, or the point of direction changes. Guidance TWSIs are used to guide the direction of travel. Both types of TWSIs may be used in the indoor or outdoor environment with insufficient guiding information. The TWSIs shall be installed on a flat surface to avoid affecting the identifying process of vision impaired persons due to irregular surfaces.
(3) Added slip resistance assessment:The slip resistance of TWSIs made with different materials may differ due to considerations for using environment, function requirements, and personal factors. The provision of slip resistance assessment allows the manufacturers to carry out self-inspection according to the using environment.

According to the BSMI, even though the TWSIs are for the vision impaired persons, the design and installation of TWSIs shall still consider the requirements of the mobility-impaired persons.

Relevant standards are available on the Bureau's CNS Online Services (https://www.cnsonline.com.tw/); all sectors are encouraged to inquire and browse such standards online.

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