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2020-06-15 14:46
Taiwan Power Company

Taipower Offshore Phase II Procurement Bid was Awarded, Expecting to Complete Grid-Connection in 2025 and Generate One Billion kWh of Green Power Annually

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Taipower Offshore Phase II Procurement Bid was Awarded, Expecting to Complete Grid-Connection in 2025
The Phase II Offshore Wind Power Project of Taipower has taken an important step! Taipower stated that Phase II of Taipower's Offshore Wind Power Project, the "Wind Farm Property Procurement and Installation Project", located in the area offshore of Changhua, successfully won the award of bid today (June 15). A domestic company, Shinfox Energy Co., Ltd., won the bid and Singapore marine engineering company, TERAS OFFSHORE, acted as its subcontractor. The Project is expected to use offshore wind turbines from Siemens Gamesa. The award of bid amount is NT$ 62.888 billion (including tax). Taipower pointed out that Phase II of the Offshore Project is expected to complete the "safe dispatch of all units" before the end of September 2025. After completing grid-connection, the annual power generation is expected to exceed 1 billion kWh, which is equivalent to supplying electricity to approximately 270,000 households for one year.

Taipower stated that the Taiwan Strait has been rated as one of the best wind farms in the world, especially the offshore of Changhua, where the largest wind energy of Taiwan is found. During the site selection of Phase II of the Taipower's Offshore Wind Power Project, the area approximately 14.7 km west of Lukang, Changhua County was allocated for building a 300 MW wind farm. Taipower pointed out that the Project was independently conducted by Taipower. To achieve local operation of the self-constructed site, Taipower made its first online announcement on May 23, 2019. After overcoming various challenges, the announcement was made online for the 9th time on June 3, 2020. After completing the review of qualifications, specifications and prices, the bid was successfully awarded today.

Taipower explained that the site of the Phase II Offshore Wind Power Project was assigned based on the "Operation Guideline for Offshore Wind Power Site Capacity Allocation" issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs after passing the required the application and the selection processes. In accordance with the Operation Guideline and the contract of the selection process, the Project must have high degree of industrial relevance and are committed and obligated to localization. After the award of bid, Taipower will work together with the awarded contractor and related companies in the industry to review and integrate the "industry-related implementation plans" of the Project, striving to accomplish the goals for the Offshore Wind Power Project, and achieving the localization of the offshore wind power industry.

Regarding the progress of Phase II of the Offshore Wind Power Project, Taipower pointed out that the awarded contractor, Shinfox Energy is scheduled to start the sea area surveys and geological drilling required for wind turbine installation this year. The detailed design will be carried out in 2021. In 2022, the manufacturing of substructures, wind turbines and related equipment will begin, so that the installation of submarine cables, underwater foundations and wind turbines can be carried out smoothly in 2024 and 2025. After all units have been safely dispatched, a 5-year operation maintenance work will be conducted.

Taipower further explained that it has been promoting the development of offshore wind power for many years. In the beginning of 2016, a marine meteorological observation tower was domestically developed, constructed and assembled. From planning, design, ship mobilization to marine engineering, we learned about the professional knowledge and skills related to offshore wind power, building the foundation for maritime engineering. Phase I of the Offshore Wind Power Project self-supervised and self-constructed by Taipower is expected to complete grid-connection this year, which also helps Taipower to accumulate offshore wind power development related technologies. Taipower is confident and determined that Phase II of the Offshore Wind Power Project will be completed in 2025 as scheduled. When the Phase II Offshore Wind Power is connected to the grid in 2025 and combining with the Phase I Offshore Wind Power, together they will generate more than 1.35 billion kwh of green electricity in one year, gradually achieving the government's goal of energy transformation to promote green energy development.

Spokesperson: Vice President, Zao-Hua Xu
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