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2020-10-08 11:32
Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Legacy of Energy Saving Leadership Award 2020 Award Seminar Series Launched on August 7

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Legacy of Energy Saving Leadership Award 2020 Award Seminar Series Launched on August 7
"How to Save Energy? Let the Award Winners Share Their Experience!"
To implement energy conservation and carbon reduction, Bureau of Energy (BOE) held 6 "Energy Saving Leadership Award Seminars" starting from August 7, 2020, and invited the winners of the 2019 Energy Saving Awards to share excellent efforts in energy saving.

According to BOE, 6 seminars of Energy Saving Leadership Award had been held since August targeting different industries, which took place at Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation Lungder PTA Plant (8/7), United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) Fab12A P1/P2 Plant (8/21), Nice Garden Industrial (8/28), Yuanlin Christian Hospital (9/4), New Taipei City Government (9/11), and HeySong ZhongLi Plant (9/18). The seminar topics covered diverse aspects, including: "The circular chain of energy saving," "The advanced deployment of energy saving technology," "Energy saving and carbon reduction of agricultural bases," "New paradigm of energy saving in smart healthcare," "Building energy-saving city through smart technology," and "Sustainability and energy-saving at century-old beverage factory."

A number of energy-saving measures have been taken to lower the power consumption in summer. The award winners minimized peak power consumption by participating in Taipower's demand response and load management, changing the operation time of the air-conditioning or equipment, and adjusting the number of working days.

Moreover, a booth was set up at the seminars to promote energy saving policies and share energy saving cases, offering enterprises information on the online platform of Energy Saving Leadership Award, as well as electronic and hard copies of 4,000 successful cases, albums of excellent energy saving companies, energy-saving brochures, and posters.

Lastly, BOE pointed out that the seminars not only encouraged the industries to interact and share energy saving experience, but also guided various industries to learn and emulate innovative energy-saving measures for further implementation. For more information, please visit "Energy Saving Leadership Website".(https://top.energypark.org.tw/topfirm/)

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