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2020-11-26 15:58
Export Processing Zone Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Chang Wah Technology CO., LTD (CWTC), ranked one of the global top 5 semiconductor lead frame suppliers, raised investment in Nanzih Export Processing Zone (NEPZ).

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Chang Wah Technology CO., LTD, ranked one of the global top 5 semiconductor lead frame suppliers, raised investment in Nanzih Export Processing Zone.
The Nanzih Export Processing Zone is a world-renowned semiconductor packaging and testing center. In addition to many large packaging and testing firms, there are also semiconductor lead frames, test fixtures and chip on film (COF) and other related industries have stationed in. Among them, Chang Wah Technology CO., LTD (CWTC), ranked one of the global top 5 semiconductor lead frame suppliers, invested NTD 3 billion to establish a new plant in NEPZ. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on 15th October 2020. CWTC will build a modern plant with one story basement and seven stories, the total floor area around 4,500 square footage and the floor area ratio up to 306 percentage. It is expected that the investment could increase the annual output value NTD 800 million dollars and provide 150 job vacancies in the future.
Dr. Huang Wen-guu, the EPZA Director General, appreciated CWTC continuously increased investment in NEPZ during the groundbreaking ceremony remarks. As the first company in NEPZ to participate in the Action Plan for Welcoming Overseas Taiwanese Businesses to Return to Invest in Taiwan, it not only performed well in business, but also led CWTC became a world-class semiconductor enterprise with cutting-edge technologies through actively research and development, and acquired stocks of Nippon Mining Holdings. It is hoped that in the future, the modern plant could bring into new momentum to CWTC, making the company's revenues to keep booming and the profits on the upper trend.
Mr, Huang, Jia-Neng, the chairman of CWTC, said that this new plant will be one of the most important growth momentum for CWTC and even in the next three years. It is also the key to CWTC to become the world's largest supplier of QFN(Quad Flat No-lead), COF and semiconductor lead frames. The company will keep moving toward the goal of higher milestones, and making CWTC become the leading manufacturer of semiconductor lead frames in the world, which is in sight.
At present, the total turnover of Chang Wah Group's 4 companies, CWTC, Chang Wah Electronmaterials Inc., JMC Electronics Co., LTD., and SH Electronics Taiwan Co., LTD., had amounted up to NTD 17.657 billion dollars in 2019. From the perspective of the Group, Chang Wah Group is the fifth largest enterprise in the Zone, it has made remarkable contributions to the EPZ. The semiconductor lead frames that the modern plant is expected to bring into production are designed for high-end consumer electronics packaging and testing technologies such as 5G, AI, and Automated cars, and it could meet the IC packaging and testing requirements of high performance, high reliability and high customization. It could not only contribute to the industry upgrade of EPZ but also bring into new momentums to the semiconductor packaging and testing industry clustering in the NEPZ.

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