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2021-01-20 11:00
Department of Industrial Technology

The 4th Presidential Innovation Award - Taiwan Design Research Institute

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The 4th Presidential Innovation Award, the winner ofem the group category is the "Taiwan Design Research Institute."
As the highest honor for awarding industrial innovation in Taiwan, the Presidential Innovation Award ceremony was held at the Presidential Auditorium. The president has given medals, trophies, award certificates and a bonus of NT$2 million to each winners(3 units).

The winner of the group category is "Taiwan Design Research Institute",the winner of the individual category is "Sheng-Chien Huang, President of Taipei City Hospital", and the winner of the youth category is "Gogolook Co., Ltd. Chairman, Kuo Chien-Fu".
Incorporating design into Taiwan's industries cannot be done only in one sector. It requires interdisciplinary integration of relevant talents and technologies to upgrade the country's overall innovation energy in the industries. Additionally, it needs to include more sectors for design applications and promote the incorporation of design into public services and social innovation to expand the scope of collaboration and allow more young designers to take part.

The TDRI will continue with its endeavors and fulfill its three missions, i.e. increasing the impact of design through cross-departmental cooperation and interdisciplinary collaboration; launching a design innovation platform for young designers to unleash their talent; helping businesses move up the design ladder by incorporating design into operational strategies. The ultimate goal is to support businesses that have the potential to become industry leaders and position Taiwan as the center for high-end manufacturing and a hub for high-tech R&D.

The TDRI is committed to guiding the sustainable development of industries and society, elevate the people's living value, and enhancing Taiwan's international competitiveness through design. It is determined to create an interdisciplinary value-added integrated platform for design services and become an international design innovation research think-tank.

The TDC was officially upgraded and renamed the "Taiwan Design Research Institute" in February 2020. It aims to utilize the "power of design" to integrate the government's cross-departmental resources and promote design as a central governance value and national defense strategy. The expectation is for design to guide the sustainable development of the industries and society and consequently improve the living value of the general public.