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2021-01-06 16:50
Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs

"Taiwan-ASEAN Smart Industry Cooperation Plan" Facilitates Cooperation and Exchanges with ASEAN Countries

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"Taiwan-ASEAN Smart Industry Cooperation Plan" Facilitates Cooperation and Exchanges with ASEAN Countries
To expand business opportunities with new emerging markets and facilitate Taiwan's economic exchanges and cooperation with ASEAN countries, the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) continues to subsidize the Taipei Computer Association (TCA) in implementing the "Taiwan-ASEAN Smart Industry Cooperation Plan." Since 2014, the TCA has carried out the plan in Myanmar, and to further facilitate more business opportunities, this plan was expanded to include Singapore in 2019. Expansion of the plan to include other ASEAN countries is intended in 2021.

The outcomes for last year's implementation include holding smart aquaculture, agriculture, and eSports industry exchanges and activities in Myanmar, while in Singapore, the focus was on smart cities and startups. Besides such industry exchanges, it also publicized information on investing in the Startup Terrance to attract entries of new companies.

Aside from the original smart agriculture and aquaculture exchanges carried out in Myanmar, the plan will invite industrial and official experts from other ASEAN countries (e.g., Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand) in 2021 to engage in exchanges and dialogues, as well as grasp the development needs of smart industries in various countries. By holding industrial exchanges and matchmaking events that introduce Taiwan's smart solution companies, this plan can also facilitate exchanges and cooperation between Taiwan and ASEAN countries in such fields as smart industries and startups, while enabling both sides to build dialogue platforms, grasp and explore new emerging markets in ASEAN countries, as well as market and promote smart solutions.

Spokesperson: GJ Lee, Deputy Director General
Telephone: 02-2397-7109 and 02-2397-7198
Email: gjlee@trade.gov.tw

Contact Person: Estela Chen, Director, Bilateral Trade Division I
Telephone: 02-2397-7241 and 0985-359-349
Email: estela@trade.gov.tw