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2021-02-01 10:01
Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs

MOEA Recognizes 36 Energy-Saving Leaders for Achievements in Energy Conservation and Education

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MOEA Recognizes 36 Energy-Saving Leaders for Achievements in Energy Conservation and Education
The 27th Energy Saving Leadership Award Ceremony was held by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) at HNBK International Convention Center on December 2nd, 2020, where Mr. Cheng-Wei Yu, Director General, Bureau of Energy, presented the awards to the winners. A total of the 36 companies, institutions and schools committed to energy saving were recognized.

It is estimated that the winners, together, conserved energy equivalent to a 29.2 thousand kiloliters of oil and reduced 129.7 thousand tons of carbon emissions (equivalent to 333 Daan Forest Parks' annual amount of carbon absorption), achieving outstanding results. The ceremony recognized 6 gold and 18 silver award winners of the Energy Saving Leadership Award and 4 gold and 8 silver award winners of the Energy Education Award.

In response to the government's promotion of energy transition and the improvement of energy-saving technology in recent years, the award-winning companies launched a total of 480 energy-saving projects and related measures. Most of them introduced AI for managing energy efficiency, including application of data analytics and system integration. For example, LDC Hotels & Resorts TAOYUAN (CHATEAU DE CHINE TAOYUAN), which won the gold award, introduced intelligent energy management system to save power. Guests could also control lights, TV, curtain and air conditioning through intelligent voice control system to manage energy consumption.

Plant K12 of Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc., another gold award winner, introduced a mechanism of measurement and verification, identifying unreasonable waste of power and key issues through a real-time energy monitoring system. It helped to achieve energy optimization and smart management. Apex Precision Technology Corporation developed processing machines to improve production efficiency, which was recognized and adopted by many countries such as Japan, Thailand, and Turkey, etc.; it also monitored the status of energy consumption through real-time power management system, and conducted data analysis to reach the most optimal efficiency, winning gold award recognition.

Moreover, 12 elementary and junior high schools became winners of the Energy Education Award this year. Wanfang Elementary School from Taipei City installed an energy management system to implement smart energy-saving management and save electricity efficiently; Xiaolin Elementary School in Kaohsiung City constructed a smart campus with carbon neutrality and incorporated AR and VR for teaching, allowing students to experience and take actions for energy conservation and carbon reduction in everyday life.

In the end, BOE stressed that on-site demonstrations would be launched in 2021 in order to share the winners' outstanding experiences in energy conservation. E-book with energy-saving case studies would be continuously updated on the Energy Park website. For more information please visit https://www.energypark.org.tw/index.asp.

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