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2021-04-19 14:16
Export Processing Zone Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs

The Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) and Kaohsiung City Government will jointly host employment recruitment on 22th April 2021, and enterprises offer over 940 job opportunities.

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EPZA and Kaohsiung City Government will jointly host employment recruitment on 22th April 2021, and enterprises offer over 940 job opportunities.
The Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and Training and Employment Center, Bureau of Labor, Kaohsiung City Government jointly scheduled an onsite event for job recruitment at Technology Industrial Park (TIP)'s Employee Service Center (No. 15, Jing 2nd Rd., Nanzi Dist., Kaohsiung City 811) from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on 22th April 2021. 14 enterprises offer over 940 job opportunities. Taking into account the COVID-19 epidemic, EPZA call for participates in the employment recruitment event please cooperate with wearing face mask, taking temperature and related epidemic prevention measures.
14 enterprises including Orient Semiconductor Electronics Ltd., WUS Printed Circuit CO. Ltd., ASE Group, SH Electronics Taiwan Co., Ltd., Jih Lin Technology Co., Ltd., Chant World Technology Inc., SGS Taiwan Limited., Siliconix Electronic Co., Ltd., JMC Electronics Ltd., Chang Wah Technology Co., Ltd., Ralec Electronic Corporation., and ATP Electronics Taiwan Inc. will attend the recruitment event and provide job vacancies such as production assistant, product testing assistant, equipment maintenance assistant, quality control, DCC assistant, electrical analyst, software engineer, solder machine assistant, automatic assembly engineer, AOI engineer, work order manager, environmental protection engineer, layout/lead scan production/IE engineer, chemical analyst, laboratory technician, technician, operator, management trainee, tally clerk, visual inspector, civil testing technician, instrument calibration engineer, and food inspection personnel.
On-site recruitment activities allow job seekers to directly communicate with enterprises, which not only saves time but also allows job seekers to show themselves. This employment matching service is completely free. It is hoped that the on-site recruitment activities could increase the chances of successful employment matching, drive the growth momentum of the park and create a win-win benefit for both the manufacturers and job seekers. For the related activities services information, please visit TIP's website (https://www.epza.gov.tw/list.aspx?pageid=fb7b56f7a69ce4bc) or contact Nanzih Employment Services Station: 886-7-3640508

Spokesman: Mr. Liu Chi Chuan (Deputy Director General, EPZA)
Contact Number: 886-7-3613349, 0911363680
Email: lcc12@epza.gov.tw

Contact Person : Liang, Shu-Juan (NEPZ Fourth Division)
Contact Number: 886-7-3611212 ext 418.
Email: ab0413@epza.gov.tw