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2021-05-10 15:00
Department of Industrial Technology

2021 New Future of Drone Industry

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The cooperation between MIRDC and the seven major units will link innovation, innovative applications, and technology research and development.
The Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT), MOEA, commissioned MIRDC to host the 2021 Future of Drone Industry MOU signing and forum at the NTUH International Convention Center on March 10 to unveil the drones that can withstand the wind and rain with a Beaufort Scale of 7.

To make the drones the best flight assistants for all industries, MIRDC signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Taiwan Drone Association, Taiwan UAS Development Association, Jong Shyn Shipbuilding, GEOSAT, Thunder Tiger, Coretronic Intelligent Robotics, and Taiwan UAV during the event to expand the application of drones.

At the symposium, Hwa Keng , Civil Aeronautics Administration, MOTC, Tony Wu, Institute of Transportation, MIRDC, and signatories also exchanged views on the development of the domestic drone industry, and put forward suggestions from the aspects of bidding system, type inspection, market gaps, technological development and field environment.