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2021-10-01 15:00
Department of International Cooperation

ICD organizes World Cotton Day activity

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The 2021 world cotton day held in Taiwan
Responding to an International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) invitation to support World Cotton Day, the Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Economic Affairs (ICD) organized a field trip for university and college students to a pair of textile enterprises in southern Taiwan on Oct. 1 to promote awareness of the cotton sector as well as Taiwan's important role in the global textile value chain.

More than 80 people took part in the activity, including several officials from related government agencies, cotton and textile industry reps, as well as dozens of students from seven colleges and universities around Taiwan.

The first half of the field trip day included a visit to the HerMin Textile Cultural Museum (HMTM), which through a range of displays chronicles HerMin Textile Co.'s development since its founding in 1976, thereby echoing the broader evolution of Taiwan's textile sector over the past half century into a global leading innovative supplier of advanced sustainable and functional fabrics and performance textiles.

During the museum visit, the participants attended a "Circular Textile Seminar" organized by the Tainan Enterprise Culture and Arts Foundation to share the results of its efforts in promoting the corporate social responsibility concept of "Fabric Bank" which aims to achieve circular economy and sustainability goals in the textile sector.

The second half of the day featured a visit to Everest Textile Co., which has been embracing the environmental initiative "Everest Sustainability Model (ESM)" through a series of strategic actions on energy saving and environmental protection since 2007. The participants were given an inside look into how Everest Eco-Industrial Park serves to maximize green growth, enhance competitiveness and minimize negative effects on climate change, as well as into the various cutting-edge techniques utilized by the firm to enhance the value of cotton products.

The participants in the field trip all gave positive reviews of the day's activities for being both interesting and informative in terms of increasing their awareness and understanding of the cotton sector's importance as well as Taiwan's key role in advanced textile innovation.

Taiwan has been a member of the ICAC for many years. The ICD and relevant government agencies and industry associations have actively participated in ICAC-sponsored events and activities, and also organized various related events, such as the biennial Taipei ICAC international seminar. Despite the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan has continued to organize promotional events in support of the cotton sector, including for the U.N.-designated World Cotton Day, which falls of Oct. 7 each year.

Photographs and videos of the ICD-organized World Cotton Day event will be uploaded to the World Cotton Day's official website as part of efforts to raise public awareness of and support for the local cotton sector and to share Taiwan-held events with other ICAC members.